February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

LAURYN: Surprise surprise, another trailer. Trailer after trailer my mom takes me. She’s so pretty, she’s so charming. If only there was depth behind those brown eyes. But she’s my mom, she’s so wonderful. I love her... so much. I know she feels bad taking me to these places. She always warns me in the car “Now darling’, this house isn’t the cleanest or the prettiest…” And then she apologizes… while smiling. With er big, pearly white, seductive smile. She’s a black bird. She’ll catch your eye, but the rain has taught me that once the sky turns grey she’ll fly away. All of these men are staring at me. Am I for dinner tonight? They seem like nice men though. Simple but nice. These men are the crop to my blackbird. Mom is most likely borrowing money from at least one of them. Wow, he’s giving a tattoo with a pen. Must be the way they did it in prison. They’re passing a weathered, muddy brown crack pipe, I’m sure I’ll be hitting it soon. Wonder if it’s anything like cocaine? But a whole lot more intense of course… I don’t know why I imagine it this way. Wonder if my mom will skip over me, or just hand me the pipe like no big deal? Wonder if she’ll make fun of me if I don’t want to. Or if she’ll bicker at me for wanting to, but then of course she’ll give in because of the amusement that will come from my virgin lungs to crack. She just keeps getting skinnier. Watching her dried wrinkled lips hit the little glass chillum isn’t anything other than distasteful. Her lack of class is pathetic. I always forget how much I hate seeing her do drugs. Makes me think such un-wanted thoughts.. But I can try it. I won’t get addicted. I’ll never be like her in this way. Why won’t they stop staring at me??... Oh, of course. The daughter of their black bird is about to take her first hit of crack cocaine. I think seeing a teenager makes them feel young again, like this drug will keep them young and hip forever. My mom exhales. The suspense is killing me. I’m sure it’s killing the guys too. She stretches her arm out to me,
MOM: You wanna hit?

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