"Perfect" Life

February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Today was a day like any other day for 17 year old Kate Johnson. She arrived at school, made her way to class and sat down, without a single glance at anyone. Kate didn’t have one person in her first hour that she cared to speak to. The bell rang and the class period was over, as she started to walk down the hall she heard two words together that she would never wanted to hear together… “Kate...”, “S***.” As she heard the words begin to slip from the mouth of a boy behind her, she knew she would be alright, but there was a sting that she could feel. Life had not been easy these last couple of years, and it seemed to never become that perfect life she once dreamed of as a little girl.

Kate Johnson seemed to have had the perfect life as a freshman in high school, she was friends with all the “popular” girls, she was nice to everyone, she was very pretty, and her family seemed to have it all as well. Her family lived in a big house, and seemed to be pretty wealthy. She acted happy at school, but at home, life was much different for Kate. Her parents were separated, and she was not very close to her siblings. Kate believed this was not something to share with her popular friends at school. Instead she held it all in, or took it out of her system by having sexual relationships with guys who made her feel liked. Being liked was everything for Kate at this age, she wanted to fit in.

As Kate began to have relationships with boys, she noticed all they wanted was to have sex. She realized that they didn’t really like her; they just wanted to be with her because she was so willing to fill their pleasure. Kate didn’t know that that was wrong, all wrong. Everything she had done she was never taught as something to be bad. All Kate wanted was for someone to make her feel special. She could never find being special in the arm of anyone that didn’t tell her that every day. She noticed that her friends were slowly disappearing and she was caught in between picking her friends or these guys who seemed to make her happy at the moment in time.

Two years went by and Kate noticed that she was stuck with nobody to talk to, and many people talking about all the things she had done. She hated life; she just wanted it all to end. Nothing was turning out the way she had planned it out to be, but as she grew older and more mature she had to realize that life was not always going to be easy.

In 11th grade Kate met a girl who was in her Fashion Design class, she started hanging out with her and going to games with her. This girls name is Kegan, she was short but very pretty and seemed to have had a bunch of friends. Kate was excited to have had someone around who would be a good role model for her. Kegan and Kate become best friends, and were planning on going to college together. Even though life may have seemed all fine and dandy then for Kate, it definitely was not. She had still been teased and bullied for all the sexual things she had done. Kegan was there to help her but she knew that nothing was going to get better until she didn’t care anymore.

Kate’s senior year was flying but all she could worry about was having a boyfriend who all he did was care about her for who she was. Most of her friends had boyfriends and this was starting to really frustrate Kate, and all she wanted was to be like all the other girls. But of course no one wanted to be with her. After being able to get away from sex for a while Kate realized that was the only thing getting her through much in all the tough times she was going through. Therefore that’s what she had done, and instead of keeping it to herself she would tell Kegan. To her she thought that it would be ok, and she could trust her but she was all wrong.

That day had come, the day she was walking down the hall way and she heard those two words. “Kate…S***.” She couldn’t believe it anymore. She didn’t want that day to come, no one did. She was upset, and overwhelmed, she thought back to that day that she had decided to make the decision to tell Kegan all the things she had done. Biggest mistake Kate had ever made, she was mad.

Kate decided not to go to school anymore for a while, and while not going to school she started working more to get her mind off of the terrible things that she was going through. Work seemed to be helping a little more than she was expecting for it to. A new person started working there, and she never wanted to be away. This new person was a boy she knew from school, his name was Dave. She didn’t really talk to him much, but as she started working with him more often, conversation between the two of them grew more in depth. She was happy for once it seemed, he never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He was sweet to her, he made her feel special. He was a tall, dark headed scrawny guy. But that didn’t matter to her, he was nice.

School started to get easier for Kate; she actually wanted to be there. She wanted to see this boy who actually liked her. It seemed to have been a miracle or something. Life was going back to the so called “perfect” life that she had way back when, she didn’t care what people said about her anymore and she was moving on from her passed.

Kate and Dave started dating, and of course people were going to talk. But to them it didn’t matter anymore. They had eachother, and that’s all that they wanted. But that wasn’t all for Kate she had to choose if she was willing to move on and go to college at the end of her senior year, and lose the only other person besides Kegan that meant anything to her.

The day had come that Kate had to leave for college, and Dave and her were caught between breaking up and trying to make it work out. But no matter what Kate was going to be leaving soon enough, even if that meant that they would never be together after this day. Kate was heartbroken but knew it was going to have to happen. As Kate said goodbye, tears ran down her face as the thoughts in her mind were about whether she wanted to lose Dave or not. Kate was back to square one of that so called “perfect” life she would of hoped to live the rest of her life.

The author's comments:
My life inspired me to write this piece

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