Sunlight In The Dark

January 30, 2012
Everyday is unending toucher for him
No one cares if he feels hurt on the inside from their cruel comments 

Their poison words filled with venom and hatred

 He didn't ask to be this way it's who he is 

He was born this way

However the more those comments he hears 

The less he accepts himself 

Soon he reaches the breaking point to just giving in

To take the risk of ending his life to end the pain and suffering

At home his own family rejects him because he likes boys

Inside his room he bawl his eyes out til he can't see anything

That same night he take out a gun from underneath the mattress

Slowly rises it to the side of his head...starts to pull the trigger 

But wait...

He thinks: Is it even worth's not I'm better then that and stronger...

He destroys the deadly weapon and smiles at himself in the mirror

Proud of what he sees he steps out into the world hoping their ready to face him head on

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