January 17, 2012
By TheBeatlesareBritish BRONZE, Ada, Oklahoma
TheBeatlesareBritish BRONZE, Ada, Oklahoma
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I pull the string of my mossy green pullover tight around my neck to keep the water off my neck. Its too early for anyone to be awake, anyone except for Arktos , that is. As the insects chirp their song in the fresh dewy grass . I know its my mom's fault, She uprooted me from my dream life like a troublesome weed. She took me from my dream life in Manhattan, from all my friends and my whole life. I cant believe how selfish she is, taking me away from New York and dropping me in Washington, all because she wanted to be a nature photographer!

Pushing though the thickets, I feel my cheeks and neck grow hot from anger, I quickly push that feeling away knowing that it will only hinder my visit with Arktos. Struggling my jacket free of a bramble I see him, big and wolf-like. As I tear my sleeve away from its captor he trots over to me his piercing glacier blue eyes scanning for something unseen. His eyes lock onto me like a lion targeting its prey, but I know its the piece of chicken fresh from the microwave that I've brought him. She cautiously trots over to me and I give him the chicken breast from my pocket. As he scarf's it down he lets me stroke his long white coat, its from that that he got his name, Arktos, Greek for polar bear.

As suddenly as he appeared he's gone again, darted back into the woods silently like a thief disappearing into the night. Wiping my hands onto my jeans I weave my way back through the tress toward the house. I remember how upset I was first when my mother told me we were moving and again when id seen the house: an ugly old colonial brick large and drab with high ceilings and low rafters. The only good thing here is Arktos, but Mom wont let me bring him in, she hates dogs. I wish my dad was here he'd let me have my dog I know he would, but he's not here, he's in New York. I don't even have any friends here with the nearest neighbor almost half a mile away and Mom making me go to school online.

Suddenly I see Arktos bolt through the trees barreling into me like a freight train. Picking my self off the ground muddy and cross He licks my hand and I cant help but smile. he seems to have that effect on me, calming.
He follows me almost to the house but shy's away about a foot from the door. Slowly he starts backing away, his tail between his strong legs then turns and darts to the pasture list a streak of lightning. He doesn't like the house he is afraid of it. He acts as thought its a monster ready to engulf him any second. I close the door behind me and change back into pajamas to get a few more hours of sleeps. As I drift off to sleep I think about Arktos, his coat gleaming , freshly washed and brushed with his brilliant blue eyes contrasting beautifully with it. I think about having my dog loyal and true a companion because a dog is truly my best friend.

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B. said...
on Feb. 23 2012 at 9:29 am
awesome k :)

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