The Kiss

January 29, 2012
By pinkychica079 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
pinkychica079 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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-"you must always prepare for the worst, but hope for the best"

-"you can't see it clearly if you're standing too close"

-"home is where i am with the people i love, and right now, im at home"

-" the only thing you can do is try, if you're not satisfied, you haven't tried hard enough"

The idle moment everyone dreams about. The one you see and fantasize that it's you who's living it. The beauty is captures, loveliness of its silhouette. It's the dream you wish to never wake up from. It gets you moving, keeps you going. The fireworks that twinkle and sparkle their magic in your imagination. Your mind is a loose cabinet holding delicate snow globes. That hole a beauty so great that you don't realize it when you see it. The kiss that means everything, an indescribable word. It's an action that works like the key to your house you give to a friend. You don't lend it to a stranger, an unknown soul. It's a moment you share with that one true person. Th person you tell all of your secrets to, your best friend. The moment you're face to face and you see a glimpse of his desires in his eyes. The brisk touch that feathers its way across my cheek then disappears. The warmth and security I felt at that second in time. We lean closer, almost body on body. The kiss that felt like the world stopped its rotation. The moment you felt like time stopped, but just as fast as it began, it left again. A welcomed visitor felt unwanted. Your mind is in knots, like deja vu striking its malicious thunderbolt. You hasten to believe that it's all a dream. You want it to last forever, the moment you felt at peace and protected. He left me wanting more, curiosity takes its toll, and immense thoughts squander the maze you call my mind begging to find an escape but trapped in an inescapable cage. I wonder how he felt during this brief ordeal. I can't stop to look at things different than before, like my borderline emotions spiked up in anxiousness. I see the world as a different place. A Place filled with so much love and so much joy that masks the hatred and lowness still present. The things that once meant nothing now seem beautifully crafted. Unique paintings like no others, painted with never before seen colors, like the billions of stars that luminate the brilliant blue sky. You know they're there but you fail to take the time to realize their value, the worthiness they acquire and deserve. Each one so magnificent, so majestic, so elegant. That moment you wish could last a thousand years, knowing he's here to stay where there's not a clue in sight of absence. I love knowing how he feels about me, yet the mysteries that remain draw us closer. The suspense I wish not to destroy.All of the smiles that find themselves sketched upon my face are countless. I''ve given up trying to count them all. That feeling I am extraterrestrial, a foreigner to my own senses. I call them butterflies that flutter about, filled with anticipation and joy after the agonizing wait of being in a chrysalis for what seemed to be forever. I burst all of the colors on the rainbow. Only question is, what;s at the end. I care not to live in the past or obsess on my future but to console the now. And now I feel so much emotion and an overwhelming desire to see his face. The beauty I see is like no other, a perfect sculpture crafted for my eye's pleasures. His winter-set crystal-blue eyes, content with making me smile. He cares not what I look like, and sees beyond my listed flaws. He sees me for me, like he has a magic telescope that enables him to see right through me. The kiss we shared was a prized trophy, stacked on a shelf with space for what's to come. The structured trust, faith, hope, and care that we share was set in stone, plastered for the unknown. The kiss symbolized all I felt for him and likewise, all he felt for me. And to my satisfaction, he was content on being mine. I wish to share many more with him, lots of memories and recognizable thoughts. The kiss. The kiss that meant everything yet could not be described.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was the way I feel when I'm with him. It dosen't describe all but it's a glimpse to how much i care

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