My Little Angel

January 7, 2012
By JaySo SILVER, Houston, Texas
JaySo SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"When everyone and everything has pushed you to your bounds, and all you can feel is the ground, you must pick up your sword and keep on fighting."

I walked the streets that cold winter night, searching for any sign of warmth. There was a church on the other side of the street, it looked pretty warm in there, but I knew they would never let me in. For people like me tend to be viewed as a sin. I was thinking about Bailey, who should be at home right about now. Was she safe? Did she have food to eat? All I could see at that moment was the image of her face. Those little blue eyes she flaunts with such poise, it makes me want to cry sometimes. Her soft black hair, which she inherited from me of course, it was the only thing she got from me. She is every single bit of her father, who wasn't around to see for it himself anymore. Bailey, my little angel... My thoughts are interrupted by a very loud horn. I look back, and see one of my usual clients making all of this ruckus. "Finally, what are you deaf?! I've been honking this horn for the past ten minutes! Now don't keep me waiting, how much for the night?" the man in the car said. "Five hundred, but because I like you, I'll make it three." I responded. "Alright, get in the car." he told me, and I did. As we were driving down the road, all I could think of was Bailey. What would she think of her mother when she got older? I could have gone to college, and been something for her. Top of my high school class with honors, and now I'm here having to round up as many clients as I can to feed my baby girl another day. I love her so much, and I would do anything for my little princess, even if it meant having to sleep with this jack a**. At that moment, I can almost remember how I felt in that birthing room five years ago. How much it hurt to push her out of me, and how astonished I was when I held her in my arms. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and she came from me. Yes, she was worth going through this he**. As we drove up to his house, I unbuckled my seat belt and got prepared, "Three hundred dollars," I kept reminding myself,"three hundred and you can go home to her." I hope that one day, she will understand why I had to do this, and maybe that same day, she'll see how much I truly love her. "Get out," the client said as he interrupted my thoughts yet again. "Yeah, I will."

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was mostly a mother's love for her child, because I know that my mom would do anything for me. Also, this story speaks about judgment and how you shouldn't judge someone without getting to know them, because you don't have a clue of what they've been through in their life. Those were my inspirations for "My Little Angel," hope you enjoy it :)

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