Unlucky Day

January 12, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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So once there was a day of mine that I named “Unlucky Day” but it started as a good day, but it all went into a downward spiral. The day started off with me waking up. I got up and got dressed. Then my mom called me down to eat breakfast. So I started to go down the stairs and I slipped on a sock and I hurt my head. Then I finally got down the stairs and at the table ready to eat, but as soon as I sat down I felt my butt getting soaked in something and so I got up to see what it was and then my mom’s friend comes and sees my wet butt and takes a picture. After she’s done that I turned around and seen that she had taken a picture and so I asked,” Why did you take that picture?” Then my mom’s friend said, “Because I wanted to!” Then my mom came in and said to go change. So I did. Once I got almost all the way up the stairs I almost slipped on a sock but didn’t. Then on the way down I slipped on the sock. After the terrible morning was over, I started to head out to the bus, but before I could grab my backpack I heard the bus starting to leave. So I ran outside to see if it was actually leaving and it was. I ran after it for a little bit and finally gave up. I walked back home and got my backpack and left the house. When I was half-way there it started to rain and then I slipped in some mud and fell into some wet cement. A little while later of having the cement on me, it started to harden because the rain had stopped and the sun was out and shinning as bright as can be. A little further the cement hardened and so I was stuck there, in front of a bar. After two hours of seeing drunken people and non drunken just walk and or crawl past me. Finally I yelled as loud as I could for help. Then finally somebody seen that I needed help and they got me some help. The help took ten minutes to get there and then it took the person a hour to get me out of the cement. (Three hours total). Finally I got free and then slipped in some more mud and fell face first into some dog poop. After that I found a puddle and washed my face off. I was already three in half hours late for school, but I kept going. I guess I didn’t make it into the school, but I did make it to the school because I found myself waking up to a dog peaing in my face. After I woke up, I started to hear voices saying,” Wake up Desmond,” and come to find out I was just dreaming.

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