Realization of Relationships

January 12, 2012
By HunterLee BRONZE, Everson, Washington
HunterLee BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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Drama, Friends, Fights, and Boys. This is high school in the 21st Century. Everyone experiences it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You will make it through and on the bright side high school makes you a better person.

The gym was filled with at least a 100 people, it was basketball homecoming 2011. I could smell the hot dogs at the concession stand. I swear it was almost 70 degrees in the gym. Our last cheer was VICTORY, then the dance.
“What will we be when we are done?! NUMBER 1!!” we shouted.

The buzzer shrieked as the clock hit 0.0. I grabbed my pom poms and headed to find someone to talk to. The gym felt more crowded with everyone on the court. I pushed through a couple of groups finally to find one of my friends.
“Are you ready for the dance??” I jumped.
“Yeahhh!!” Emma screamed back.

“So how much is it again?” Braxton asked. Braxton was a little taller than me with brown hair, but he always wore a hat. And his black school sweatshirt. He was the boy I was crushing on for the past year.

“Five dollars, duhhhh” I smiled.
“Ok, ok, ok!” He stuttered.
As I found my other friends, we started to walk to the commons. Everyone was talking, and laughing. I could feel the excitement; Braxton went to go find his ‘boy’ friends. He would find me when they got in there. I was super nervous because I hadn’t told him my step mom was chaperoning the dance. As I got in the dance, no one was there and I knew I had to start the party.

Around 10:30 I had danced with all my friends. Braxton and I laughed and talked throughout the night. When out of the blue he asked me,
“Why are you always by me?”
“I don’t know?” I shrugged.
“Why don’t you just go away?”

I was shocked on how rude he had gotten in the last few seconds. But I wasn’t surprised because this had happened at the football homecoming dance. So being the bigger person I made sure the rest of the night I was nowhere close to him. Occasionally my friends and I would get a little immature when we were accidently to close to him. We would say, “Ohhh no! TO CLOSE!!” Which made him a little pissed off. But I’ve known him for awhile and thought he would get over it.

It was Saturday night and my family was going over to their friend’s house to watch a UFC fight. (Mostly the dads wanted to bet on who would win) So Emma, April, and I decided to go see the school play. Emma had to help with the lights. She left her phone with me talking to Braxton. I thought he was fine but I kept getting one word texts back from him. So I finally tried to start a conversation.
“Are you bored of me? Haha”

Are you kidding me, I was joking and he actually answered? He was serious, too. My heart shattered realizing what I had gotten myself into. Emma came back just in time to see what just happened.
Being my best friend ever, she sent a text back to him saying, “Never talk to me or Hunter, you’re being really rude.”
I tried to smile, tried to bypass that he was completely serious. After the play Emma and April came over to my house. Braxton texted Emma a little later, I told her it was fine. Also I told her to ask if he liked her. I knew it was true but just to see.
He said, “**** *** but I only like Hunter as a friend.”
I was stunned that he would add this randomly. So I finally broke, and realized he’s not worth it going on a rollercoaster and any second getting thrown off. That is when my ride was finally over. She texted him back saying, “Good! Cuz she only likes you as a friend, too.”

I realized life isn’t always about relationships and love. You can just live with who you got and live your life to the fullest. After a lot of encouraging conversations from many people, I knew I was going to be fine. It would take time, but time heals everything, right?

Sunday night, my brain was racing thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow. I really needed to sleep. Braxton and I talk every morning, and now I have no one. I have Nikki and April but I knew I was going to be awkward. But throughout the day everyone told me either to slap him or asked me why I was mad at him because he didn’t know. But he never came up to me and he knew I was mad at him so the whole day was alright.

So I knew I had to talk to him, which I should’ve rethought because it didn’t go so hot. I texted him, he texted back I took a deep breath and told him everything I needed to. His response “Oh, okay” That’s when he pushed my last button. I blew up, bad words flew, and he came right back with the same. I finally realized again he wasn’t worth it, what am I doing? I asked myself. He said he was done talking to me. I replied
“Ok bye, but I have a right to be mad”
“No you have no reason, I didn’t do anything”
He had no idea he had hurt me. I put up with it for too long, and we weren’t even in a relationship.

Another day without talking to Braxton, still everyone did the same thing. Did they see me freaking out about the whole situation? Why couldn’t they just drop it, it wasn’t their problem. I dug my own hole; I am more than capable to put the dirt back. I was staying at my friend Miya house for the week. I had no phone, so nobody could bother me about the whole situation.

Around 9:00 pm Tuesday night a number called my friends phone. 441-**** my heart dropped into my stomach. This couldn’t be happening
“Yeah, she’s right here” she smirked.
“Hello? Hello??...Braxton!”
Beep----called failed.
“Sorry, my phone has bad reception.” She sighed
**Buzz Buzz** 441-****
“Dude its fricken almost 9:30 my brother and dad are asleep they have work tomorrow,” she said wide-eyed “You are definitely not answering that!”

So I texted him asking what he wanted and telling him that I couldn’t talk on the phone. He replied
“Listen to your voicemail”
Miya grabbed the phone, quickly dialed her password to get into her voicemail box. She listened to it. I was so uneasy to hear what he had said. I listened, I smiled, wow he actually can be a man and confess to what he did wrong. I was proud.
I knew then that we were better as friends, after our whole fight I understood that I need to get through high school and not worry about other people just get the grades I can. Go to college then look for that “special someone” If I find someone in the process of school. I will take note, become friends and wait until the time is right.

***=Confidential Information (that you don’t need to know, or you already know) ?

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