Here I am again

January 9, 2012
By st123 BRONZE, Singapore, Other
st123 BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Here I am again. She has done it again. Oh no. She is just out of control. I told her to behave. Why does she never listen to me? What has she done now? Is she ever going to listen to me? Oh I try and try but she just never listens. I try to talk to her but she only rolls her eyes and nods her head. “Yes mom, okay mom” she says then yawns. Grounding her doesn’t help. Talking to her doesn’t help. What am I supposed to do? When is the principal going to call me in? It’s already been 10 minutes now…
She used to be a really nice girl. Elizabeth was always so sweet. When I told her to do something she would smile and nod her head. Now I can’t even get two words out of her. When I tell her to do something I don’t even know if she hears me or not. I know that the divorce really affected her… if only she would talk to me…
I know Ben and I got a divorce but it was two years ago. Elizabeth told me that she understood. Why couldn’t she be more like her brother? He’s just moving on with life. But it must be hard for him too... at least he’s not acting act like Elizabeth is…
I don’t think the principal said much on the phone, just, “Ms. Kingsley we would like you to come in so that we can discuss your daughter’s misbehavior in school today”. “Yes okay I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” I replied and now, here I am, waiting. Oh what time is it now? ANOTHER 5 minutes? How long is he going to make me wait? I’m pretty sure I said 30 minutes…or maybe 50? Who says I’ll be there in 50 minutes? It must’ve been 30. Why isn’t he coming to get me then?
I think I hear a man speaking on the other side of the door. My heart is beating faster and faster. This is the third time since the beginning of the year that I’m called in. The first time was for talking back to a teacher, the second time was for vandalizing school property. She would’ve never done this 2 years ago. What could it be now?
Well, there’s nothing to do here. I should wear my jacket, it might make me look smarter. The office is deserted again. I just want her to know that I do care about her. Oh! There he is…should I stand up? I’ll smile now. Just walk through the door. What do I do now? Okay, I’ll take a seat. Wait, where did he go? He just got here! Fine then, I’ll just sit here and wait some MORE… Is that Elizabeth I see talking to the office lady? Why does she look so sad? What happened? Maybe she didn’t do anything wrong for once. Why is she not looking at me? Wait, is that a black eye? A black eye?! I should get up and go talk to her. Okay, don’t panic, act calm. Maybe she bumped into something? Or…she couldn’t have started fighting. No, never. That can’t be it. Elizabeth would never hit someone. Maybe she was hit? Well it clearly wasn’t just a hit, she was probably knocked out for a few hours. Oh, there he’s back, finally.
30 minutes. That was a short talk. My daughter gets punched in the eye and I get called in? The principal didn’t even mention the other girl who punched her and even more, her parents weren’t called in?! If only Elizabeth would have explained herself. All she did was nod? Can’t she speak for once? Even try to defend herself? “I punched her because she hit me,” that was all she said. Unbelievable. Now I have to deal with a fighting daughter. Well, I’m going to try to try harder. That’s what I have to do.
After that we walked side by side, without saying a single word. This silence is louder than any argument we’ve ever had.

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