Friday the Thirteenth

December 14, 2011
By abbyhouston BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
abbyhouston BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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It was a normal Friday at Ridgeline High School; going from class to class and being anxious for the weekend to start, except for Kelly was a bit more edgy than most days. Maybe it was because it was Friday the 13th or probably just because her birthday was tomorrow and she was excited for her sweet sixteen party that her parents were throwing her. The whole school was going to be at her party and she didn’t want it to end badly. She had been hearing horror stories for the past week about people that her friends new that threw parties and they ended up terribly and had to change schools because of the embarrassment. Like this one girl that her best friend’s cousin knew; she threw a sweet sixteen and her parents thought it would be funny to show up in clown costumes with balloon animals and act like she was turning six, the poor girl had to move across the state to escape that. Kelly knew her parents weren’t that dumb, or at least she hoped they weren’t, but she wouldn’t stop worrying until her party had ended, she was starting to think that it would be better to just cancel the whole thing. She wouldn’t do that though, she had been dreaming of this weekend since she was nine years old and she really wanted everything to work out.

The last bell of the day rang and Kelly was that much closer to the biggest night of her life. But tonight was a home football game against a local rival and she was going to go and try to have fun for a little and forget about her party for a couple hours, even though she knew that was impossible. She and some of her friends were painting their stomachs for the game; black with a green R. Kelly’s mom didn’t really like the idea but she wasn’t going to the game anyways and it was Kelly’s birthday weekend so she cut her some slack.

When the game started the stadium was packed; nobody could ever remember the last time this many people game to see a Ridgeline hawk football game. Kelly’s school was winning and their student section in the bleachers was going crazy. When their team won, which was pretty often, the tradition was for everyone to go to the sports bar across the street after the game and tonight was no exception. There was barely anywhere to sit, but a group of students managed to get a big table in the back where they could sit together. Kelly was surprisingly having a little fun until her schools senior star quarterback of the football team brought of the subject of her party; him and some of the other players were asking her some questions about it and they said they were excited and definitely coming. She thought she was going to be sick. Kelly excused herself and practically ran to the bathroom. Maybe she really was getting sick and needed to cancel the party.

On her way back from the bathroom a strange man walking towards Kelly was studying the green R on her stomach, the man was incredibly muddy which could be explained by the rain outside and you could almost fry a chicken sandwich with the grease that was in his hair. The filthy man poked the R on Kelly’s stomach when he walked by, then he laughed. It was really strange but that was the least of her worries right now.

She got back to the table only to be informed that they were leaving and going back to one of their houses to hang out. Kelly still not feeling well decided to call her mom and have her come pick her up at the restaurant instead because she just really wanted to go home for some reason. It must have been something she ate.
Even though her best friend begged her not to go home, Kelly waited outside the restaurant for her mom after her friends left. They offered to stay and wait with her but she insisted that they go because her mom was almost there. Kelly sat in front of the restaurant sure hoping that her mom was almost there because she was starting to get a little creeped out. This one black van had drove back and forth through the parking lot at least three times in the five minutes that Kelly had been waiting, and maybe it was just her but it sure seemed like it was getting closer every time. And Kelly was right it definitely was getting closer because now she could make out the driver of the van; it was the extremely dirty man from the restaurant that had poked her stomach! Now Kelly was officially scared, she thought about going back inside the restaurant but she talked herself out of it and just kept praying that her mom would get there any second.
Once Kelly recognized the man, she noticed that he had not driven back by again. It had been at least a couple minutes and Kelly had not seen the van. She was relieved that he finally left. She thought to herself that this Friday the 13th thing really messes with peoples heads. She had just been scaring herself for no good reason, or so she thought..
Another car entered the parking lot and Kelly stood up thinking it was finally her mom here to pick her up and take her home. But as she walked towards the road she realized that it was the same black van with the creepy guy in it! Kelly stopped in her tracks, the man had parked the car in the middle of the road and was now slowly but surely walking strait in the direction of Kelly. She saw a black figure in his right hand and it look very long, skinny, and extremely sharp. She prayed with all she had that it wasn’t a knife. She was about to turn and run because he was getting to close for comfort but she could make herself move. The man was within ten feet of Kelly when she finally turned and ran down the side walk towards her house. The man was running at her heels. She saw a pair of headlights coming towards her so she started waving her arms trying to get some help so she didn’t die. The car slowed and Kelly realized that it was her mom finally coming to get her. Kelly sprinted as fast as she could and opened the door to her mom’s car, got in it and locked the door behind her.
Kelly was finally safe so she caught her breath and called 911 to let somebody know that there was a crazy man running around. Then she explained to her mom what had happened and thanked her so much for coming to get her. Her mom said that it was probably one of her friends from school playing a prank on her because they knew she was scared of Friday the 13th but Kelly knew it was more than that. During all this commotion Kelly had forgotten all about her party tomorrow.. and she thought that was going to be scary!

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