December 1, 2011
By Al Rascon BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Al Rascon BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I attempted to talk to the girl in the baby blue hat with a pair of wings stitched to her snow white blouse, as the roar of the enormous creature behind me seemed to never cease. I strained my voice with such force to get the woman to hear me that even a spider like pattern began to emerge from my neck. I wasn’t sure if she had understood my request, but I then knew she did when she nodded her understanding of it. She arrived with my cylindrical container filled with sparkling crystal cubes. The cool dark liquid filled with miniscule, transparent bubbles. Suddenly my heart started to beat faster as we began to descend from an altitude of 3,000 feet. The thick air began to lift as the pressure of the atmosphere decreased. Slowly my ears, alleviated by the pressure popped giving me an annoying problem that would be almost impossible to resolve. Soon I felt the thud as the rapidly spinning tires got hotter from the friction created by the contact on the asphalt. Slowly but surely we were guided to the gat that would become the beginning to a new adventure.
The pilots’ calm, smooth voice began to explain that there were gloomy, grey clouds gathering around the city bringing the beautiful yet deadly flashing streaks of light to the city Huston. He described to us the best way to get off safely. As he continued talking I began to gather my belongings and put them into the black, leather bag that my parents had purchased before beginning this voyage. I quickly made my way down the long patterned carpet to the giant, 4
inch steel door. My excitement of being at a new destination was just about to burst. I exited through the maroon door and a sudden gust, almost like an invisible wall of cool fresh air grazed my soft, tan face. Looking down the tunnel, my stomach clenched it fist from nervousness of finally reaching this place. I had never been here and I knew the confusion would be exciting. I quickly but with tranquility walked toward the light of a new world and arrived at a bright and busy place, full of people of every kind. I viewed my surroundings seeing employees in blue uniforms driving carts or helping people with their luggage.
Determined, I tried to find my way around only to find myself scratching my head in confusion of where to go next. Seeing the puzzlement in my face, a man with darkened skin approached me and asked if there was something he could help me with. Shyly I asked him to take me to the tunnel that would lead me to the flying vehicle that would take me to Mexico. The man explained in a rough, deep voice that first we had to confirm the departure with a woman. We headed in the direction of the woman through the chaos of a hive of busy bees. My eyes widened with bewilderment as I saw how many people actually came here. Finally we arrived to the woman that would confirm the departure. I met some new people that I would soon find out would become my companions for the night. There was a boy with pale skin and freckles, and a pretty girl with a great smile and long wavy hair. Each child had the same look of confusion in their eyes as I had when I arrived. The man called me up and told me that there had been a complication. The woman then interrupted to tell me that all of the remaining flights were delayed because of the lightning. Disappointed that I won’t be able to make my cousins graduation in Mexico, I sat back down with the children I had just met. About an hour later the man approached us and said that we would have to stay the night. As he lead us to the room we
would be staying in I finally got to enjoy the sights of this new place. I realized how insignificant one person can be compared to the thousands in just one building. We walked across the cold,
tile floors following the traffic that was almost like that of a highway or freeway giving the place a sense of organization in a chaotic world.
We got to the room that acted as a temporary home. It was a boring room with a small TV that hung from the wall. The room had the aroma that would make anyone nose scrunch up in disgust. The tense atmosphere slowly began to lift as we got used to each other. It was time for dinner and the people in the blue uniforms showed us the way to the hall that was filled with fast food stand that sold their nourishment at ridiculous prices. We found our way through the crowd. We got our food at the cheapest place we could find and slowly ate the stale food that seemed to have been just reheated for the night. Finishing the food we headed back to the room but finding our way back proved to be more difficult than it seemed. We walked down the busy path leading back to our room but we still ended up getting lost. Finally we gave up and asked another man dressed in blue to help us find our way. He was tall and skinny with a gentle voice and nimble feet. When we got back to the room we decided it had been a long day and when to sleep. The next morning they announced that the clouds had lifted and that the flights would be put back on schedule. We were lead down to our respective flights and to a new adventure.

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