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November 28, 2011
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There I was sitting on my coach wondering what’s going to happen next. My life is ruined. I’ve been playing guitar for a month and I’m really good, and when I say really good I mean Eddie van Halen good. I never wanted to be a rock star or something but I have no chose. I’m failing every class. I got a 49 in math. My dad said if I got really good he will get me an electric guitar. By the way I’m rick. I have long brown curly hair and I’m really skinny. I’m not the best looking guy but you know I’m not that bad. I turned on the TV and started watching drake and josh. But not even my favorite show can cheer me up.
I walked up to my mom and said, “I’m really sorry mom” and gave her my report card and left.
I started crying as I ran to my room. My mom is probably thinking about killing me. I started strumming on my guitar. The song was good riddance by green day. It was my favorite song. My heart was beating ten times faster I can feel little needles poking holes though my stomach. I started strumming faster and faster and FASTER than boom. The strings broke. I made sure that I fell asleep before my mom walks into my room.
The next day I was packing up for band practice. I ate breakfast and before leaving for band I checked my mom’s bed. She wasn’t there. I went to band practice with a dark cloud following me. I met up with my band so we can practice for our show. We were performing in a café. They said they will pay us 20 bucks each. When I got to mikes house I knocked on his door. His mom answered and said “how are you rick?” I said “fine” but I wasn’t. Mike walked me to the basement were all the band stuff was. For the first time I was excited because mike is letting me use his electric guitar. He had a blue Ibanez. We started talking about school.

“So how was school, what was your average huh?” mike asked.

“92” I lied.

I was too scared to tell him the truth. We started playing smoke in the water. I started with a little tune and mike started drumming. At the end I ended with a little solo. He both slapped hand and I said “we are ready for the show”. We took a break and both started drinking some cola. It was good. I forgot all about that school thing because I know that I might have a career in music.

“I’m nervous “I told mike as we waited until it was our turn to play in the café.

We both walked up to stage and started rocking. I started with a small tune as mike started drumming. After a while I started singing smoke in the water. Everything was perfect. Finally my solo, I started playing a long solo. Something caught my eye. It was david lanter. He owns a music company. When we finished playing he came up to us and said,

“You guys are really good and I want to make a record deal with you”.

There is was my heart stopped for a little moment. We ran to our parents telling them that we had a record deal we were so exited. Me and my dad were jumping up and down like little girls. We ran to the guitar shop and he bought me a full size fender guitar.
The next day me and my dad started packing for la. We were about to go to la and get an awesome deal, with David. Me and mike met up at the airport. We waited until our dads bought our tickets. We sat in the plane and off we went to la.
We entered the office and we met up with david. We had to sign a couple of stuff and we will be ready to record. David said that the song will go onto a commercial. We went into the recording studio and started to record our song. When we finished he said all we had to do is wait until it goes on TV. We rented a motel and turned on the TV. We heard our song we were so happy. We both had large grins across our face.

Two years later………………….
We rocked at a concert in long island and became millionaires.

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