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January 4, 2012
By DP3299 BRONZE, Millville, Massachusetts
DP3299 BRONZE, Millville, Massachusetts
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She was absolutely stunning! Her gait was that of a super model walking across the stage! She looked like the teenage version of Jennifer Lopez. The curves in her body aroused him like there was no tomorrow! Even the sound of her voice brought excitement to the male ears! Who was this girl?! Where was she from?! What’s her name?! All these questions were running right through Michael Mendorez’s mind as soon as he saw this new girl in Biology.

School had started a few weeks ago and Mike was on a roll! He liked his teachers, his grades were high, and he was playing sports. Michael Mendorez was a typical teenager. He was experimenting with different things but not getting himself into trouble. Mike was a Latino/Hispanic 14 year old in high school. He was a freshman in a private catholic school. He was an attractive young man. He had short-brown-military style hair and he was strong, athletic, and healthy and he was enjoying his life. He was slightly spoiled by his parents. He only wore brand named clothes such as Abercrombie and American Eagle. His parents gave him expensive phones, laptops, video games and TV’s. Mike’s parents only spoiled him as long as he kept his grades up and helped out around the house. Mike loved music. His parents bought him the latest music players that were being sold. He listened to hip-hop, pop, techno, dub step, and fist-pump music. Overall Mike was the type of kid everyone wanted to be. He was smart, responsible, honest, disciplined, mature, nice, and playful. He was a curious kid but he rarely got himself into trouble. His parents were supportive, stable, reasonable and for the most part, great parents! Mike was involved in school sports, school clubs and he still managed to keep his grades up. Mike didn’t have any fear or any great secrets. He was always honest. Then something hit him. He met a girl and he quickly fell in love. Suddenly, he began to fear disappointing this girl. His feelings were driving him crazy!
It was a typical, warm September Monday when Michael was star struck. He walked into his last period class of Biology. There, standing by the teacher’s desk was a new girl. She was an angel sent from heaven. Mike quickly asked her what her name was. She told him it was Lily and that she was new. The teacher quickly interrupted and urged mike to return to his seat. Mike did as he was told and went to chat with his buddies near his desk. He asked one his friends who the new girl was and his friend told him she was from North Carolina. Mike and his friends quickly agreed she was the hottest in their grade. The teacher then told the class to settle down and continued to show Lily where she would sit and what she would need to bring to class. The class wasn’t very colorful. It had a few posters around the walls but nothing fancy. The strangest thing in the room was that there was a large mirror on the front wall of the classroom right next to the white board. Nobody knew why it was there, it just was. The teacher’s desk was next to the entrance it was facing towards the center of the class. It had a computer, and many folders with class work. The class room had 15 seats facing the whiteboard and mirror. For some odd reason there was a large crack on the floor that ran from one corner of the room to the other. There were 3 rows of 5 desks with chairs. Mike sat in the third row in the 3 seat. Coincidently, Lily ended up sitting in the first row in the 3 seat. She was in perfect position where Mike could sneak a quick glance at her face during class when she wasn’t looking by using the mirror on the wall in front of them.
Mike was good with talking to girls; after all, he was attractive! By the end of the class period Mike was able to get Lily’s cell number. Mike quickly began talking to Lily over the phone and through text after school. At first it was an occasional text message or call. Realizing that Lily and he only had one class together, Biology, he began to have long phone calls at night with her resulting in staying up wicked late and texting throughout the day at school. Mike was tired during class and he began to slack. His grades slowly began dropping. He didn’t care, he was distracted by Lily. The end of the week came and Lily and Mike made a plan to go to the movies. At the movies, Mike had his first kiss with Lily. He really liked Lily and began thinking that Lily and he were “in love”. On Sunday night, Mike’s mom received an online notification from school telling her that Mike’s grades were slacking, she confronted him and mike simply replied he was just “tired” throughout the day, it was no big deal. Mike’s mom sensed something was up, she didn’t believe him. As Mike was taking a shower before he went to bed, his mom quickly looked through his phone. Her temper flared as she saw he was staying up until three in the morning texting this Lily girl. She was about to wring his neck, so she went to tell Mike’s dad what’s going on. Mike’s dad wanted nothing to do with the problem so Mrs. Mendorez just waited until mike got out of the shower. Mike’s room was a pretty good size. The walls were painted navy blue with white trim. He had a queen size bed, with jet black furniture that went with it. It was a pretty sick room. In one corner of his room he had an L-shaped glass desk facing the wall. It contained one side with a printer and Laptop and the other side for any written school work. Mike was all ready for bed when his mom came in. She sat in the chair in front of his desk and started to have a talk about him and girls.
“Mike, have you started having feelings for anyone yet?” asked Mrs. Mendorez.
“Well, you see mom there’s this new girl in school,” said Mike, “and I’m starting to have feelings for her.”
“Does she know you like her?” questioned Mrs. Mendorez
“Yes mom,” said Mike, “remember when I went to the movies on Friday? Well we kissed once, I’m pretty sure she likes me.”
“Mike, your too young to date,” said Mike’s mom, “she’s becoming a distraction. I looked at your phone and you have been staying up way to late with this girl. You’re not getting enough sleep. I need you to cut the crap. Anyway, if this girl really liked and cared for you, then would she really make you stay up just to talk and make you tired for school? You know what I’m saying? Just watch, don’t talk to her for a while and she’ll be old news in no time! She won’t even like you! It’s only a temporary thing! Anyway, I’m going to trust that you will handle this. I’m going to bed, love you, and see you in the morning. Goodnight!”
“Goodnight mom!” Mike said in a disappointing voice!
Mike understood what his mom was saying. He wanted to listen to his parents but at the same time, his feelings were saying otherwise. Mike thought long and hard and finally came with the conclusion his mom was just being overly protective. For the first time ever, Mike disobeyed his mom and continued his fantasy puppy love. For a whole week, mike continued his late night communication. Mike’s mom senses told her that something is up with mike since his grades aren’t getting any better. She took a quick peek at his phone, and bam! There it was! Mike was still talking to the distracting chick! She confronted Mike and she decided to take his phone away for the rest of the month. Mike was so angry. His face was redder than blood. He didn’t know what he was going to tell Lily the next day. He couldn’t tell her the reason he got his phone taken away, she would just get sad and not want to talk to him anymore! He couldn’t lie to her either; he “loved” her too much! Mike had no idea what to do. He decided to get some sleep and decide what he would do in the morning.
As Mike came into biology, Mike couldn’t deal with making Lily sad. He couldn’t bear it. He decided a white lie wouldn’t be a big deal. He decided to tell Lily he dropped his phone and it broke. She believed him. Mike told her that in a couple weeks he would get a new one. As time went by, Mike and Lily only talked in Biology class. Strangely enough, even in biology Mike and Lily’s conversations became briefer and sometimes they wouldn’t even say hi to each other. As the month was coming to an end, Mike told Lily he was getting his phone back the next day. She didn’t seem very excited she simply said, “cool.” When Mike got his phone back, he immediately began texting Lily. The way Lily responded do Mike’s messages made Mike think something was wrong. She kept replying with one word answers. It seemed as if she wasn’t interested in talking to him. Mike couldn’t stand it any longer; he asked her what was wrong. She told him that she didn’t like him anymore. Mike was shocked. He felt as if his heart was torn out! He didn’t know what to say. He quickly realized his mom was right! He responded to Lily’s message by telling her he had to go to his homework. That night, before bed, mike told his mom what happened. He sincerely apologized and promised to never go behind her back.
The next day, Mike got teased by his friends in Bio. His friends kept messing with him but he didn’t mind. Mike explained to his friends he did nothing wrong but they still laughed and joked around with him about it. A couple days passed and Mike found out Lily was already talking to another kid. He realized she was never worth his time just like his mom said. Hearing this, Mike quickly got over Lily and began to focus back on his homework. Life went back to normal and Mike was enjoying it again. Although everything didn’t end up as Mike would have wished for, he did learn a major lesson from this experience with Lily. He learned that his parents, specifically mom, always know what’s best for him. He learned that he was better of trusting his parents than trusting his feelings for a girl at his age.

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