Please don't say goodbye.

January 6, 2012
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Please don’t leave, things won’t be right.

Please don’t leave; your doubt will turn to regret. The pain in your sweet, sensitive heart will escape if you stay. Whatever decisions you should choose, I promise I will support them, only if you stay here and do not run away.

Please don’t leave; I will be your shoulder to cry upon, to soak up the puddles of sad tears you’ll make. Stay, I will take you in, I will never leave your side. I will not let anyone hurt the heart that has been harassed.

Please don’t leave; I will be there whenever you call my name. If you do choose to leave and no one can change your mind, you better pack well. You ought to love me, because I am going too.

Please don’t leave; you’ll know that it was a mistake, and that you miss home. Even if you no longer have a home, you will miss it. I have told you over and over again, that I don’t want for you to go.

Please don’t leave; nothing will ever be the same without you. You’re my sister, the one that I look down on. You’re the one that I promised to keep and protect and never in my life forget.

Please don’t leave; our bond is what I call the circle of life, we’re born, we love, and then we die. But we die together. In each other’s hearts.

Please don’t leave; whenever you feel depressed, don’t tell me that you’re okay. Tell me what you’re feeling and your heart will pour out those unnecessary emotions onto the cold floor.

Please don’t leave, do not tell yourself that you have to, because I’ll put you back onto your fragile feet, and help you walk through the door.

Please don’t leave, do not be afraid anymore, tell yourself you can pull all of this stress off, and pull through your weaknesses. You make the best of me shine, with your light.

Please don’t leave, things won’t be right.

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