Perfectly Imperfect

January 2, 2012
By Anonymous

I saw him from a distance. Actually it was 7 feet, but when he looked like that it felt distant. His name was Jonathan. I liked how professional and grown up it sounded. He was wearing an athletic fit navy-blue pin stripped, button down, Hollister shirt, along with long light blue washed jeans. They fit on his body perfectly. His black and neon yellow shoes screamed 'runner'.
His laugh was special different, hard to describe. It was sort of 2 loud chuckles, then one last one that faded out. But they weren't hardy enough to be chuckles, yet deeper, louder and not as annoying as giggles.
Don't get me started on his grasping mix of light blue and gray eyes. They where by no means huge or tiny. Perfect would describe them just fine.
His hair was nothing special. Dark brown, wavy and a little longer then a buzz cut. Now most guys that look like this normally have chiseled muscles and a girl on each arm.
Jonathan was different. He had little fat on him, and the long distance runner body. He ran every day, never the same route 2 days in a row. The girls were no where in sight. Except of coarse, me.
My short muscular build almost exactly opposite of his. Then I noticed movement ahead, over my book. I hadn't noticed Jonathan had moved. Until I looked across my small two person table.
He, himself was standing right there. My heart rate picked up the pace and my stomach did back flips. His straight pearly white smile made me feel warm. I didn't know what to say, or do. I simply smiled back.
Atlast ha spoke, "Sorry to i-interrupt you. I-i n-noticed you in c-class." A light exploded in my head. The reason he had no girl 'attachments' was because he had a stutter. He was very well spoken despite it.
I warmly offered the seat across from me. We talked which soon lead to a first, second, and countless dates.
It dawned on me when he first looked at me, he was the one. Everything about him so perfect. His intellect, humor, personality, him. The only flaw that everyone else saw was his stutter.

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on Jan. 13 2012 at 2:36 pm
goth_tomboychick, Fenton, Michigan
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Please, If you have any feed bakc (good or back) I am open to it! I am always looking to improve!


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