The Inside Story

December 4, 2011
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Chapter One
It is Thursday, October 24th, 8:00 am and life has room to get better. In my backpack, I have the world’s largest pile of homework and in my arms, all my textbooks which weigh at least 15 lb. Then matters get worse, about 50 ft. in front of me are the jocks.
If they weren’t in a good mood, nerds beware. Common cases include being flung from original position into the lockers across the hall. And if they were feeling particularly irritated that nerd might be spending the day locked inside locker #257.
You see, the “administration” have no power beyond finances. You would think that detentions, suspensions, and expulsions would keep these bullies in place but things are just the opposite. In fact the two factions with the control are the populars & the jocks. The populars are pretty faces but are subtly manipulative. If they don’t get their homework done they just bat those lashes and nerds will flock to their needs. Sophie and her cheerleaders’ particular favorite is Johnny Newton. He is the exact stereotype of a nerd: Hiked up khakis, plaid polo, extra large glasses, and slick, parted hair.
He has had a crush on Sophie Luna ever since the 2nd grade. Though it was never meant to be, you’ve got to say. he has an eye for girls. Cause you don’t just say Sophie Luna. She is the Sophie Luna: five feet and seven inches of pure gorgeous cheerleader. She has long, silky brown hair that glows and shines under the sunlight, dazzling blue eyes with the sparkle of a mischievous glint, and the olive tan face to match. She is the tyrant of our school, everyone falls for her, but she has her eyes set on Jesse Michaels, her equivalent in male form with rippling muscles that put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame. He is the team captain of the basketball and football teams. He doesn’t know it yet but he is the apple of her eye.
Unluckily for Johnny he never stood a chance now that Sophie knows his “little” secret. So as I said, whenever she or one her squad needs that science project done, he only needs the paperwork then he will decline any food or sleep until his love’s homework is complete. If anyone says that she is using him he will simply retort, “She is falling head over heels for me, but right now she is just trying to make me jealous.”
Oh wait! I am so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Nathaniel Michael, Jesse’s unknown twin brother. I am 18 and a prisoner of High School’s middle class. Don’t tell anyone but I am going to tell you the true reality of high school…
Chapter Two

Yeah, I am Jesse’s identical twin. Somehow I fall into his shadow, second to him in everything except art and music. It is said I have some ability with a pen and pencil too! We get along pretty well and he is different from the other jocks. He is just too busy with his own life to notice how much he affects people. Girls swoon over him, yet keep their distance in fear of retribution from Sophie.
The last girl who flirted with him transferred to some boarding school in Illinois after a rumor about her having a chronic disease that says that if she touches you, you will become infected with welts and extreme dandruff, plus you would also become a host so then the same rumor would apply to you.
Naturally everyone avoided her after that, until she became emotionally unstable. Rumors like that ruin people. Her parents of course tried to sue the school for this bullying and failed, so they pulled her out and now she is in that boarding school up in Illinois. Sometimes I will call her and see how she is doing, but she is too traumatized to ever come back to Iowa, much less our school.
What would you like to hear about next? I have told you about the social structure, the head of power… I guess you want to know about who I am. I know I have been pretty vague so I will clear that up a little bit. I live here in Johnston, Iowa. My parents are together, but you wouldn’t know it; they are just too absorbed in their work. Jesse and I hardly ever see them. Basically the only time they are home is when they are sleeping and that is only for a few hours if not less. My brother is basically my only family as dad practically lives in his office. I am 6’ 2” with the rest of my brother’s looks. I am a swimmer though, not a ball player. At school I have straight A’s and a clean record. As I said no one really pays attention to me, I am my brother’s shadow.
Back to earth, I told you the background, now how about things that are only just unraveling. So yeah, 50 ft. in front are the jocks, blah, blah, blah. So got the 15 lb. books, hoping just to get through to Algebra II with only minor injuries, maybe small emotional scarring, but it doesn’t matter. This has been going on for a while now; scars eventually develop a thick skin. 40 ft. 30 ft. 20 ft., mistake, they have spotted me. Or are they looking at a guy behind me? No, it’s me. I am their target. Then the leader of the pack calls,
“What you doing freak?”
“Headed to class.” The words however must have been lost on him because he took whatever these moving lips said as some type of threat.
“You gonna get taught a lesson, punk” he spits in reply
“That’s why I am going to Algebra, duhh” I say sarcastically
Okay, you have to understand, these people can get extremely annoying, I just had to let the smartalic part of me get some revenge. Doesn’t mean he had to like it.
“You know what to do boys.” He said this coolly with a slit grin as his bully-boys took me by my arms and dragged me to #257.
I was smart enough to stuff a water bottle and some mints in my pocket before my exile. During this exile period I caught some Z’s and snacked on the mints until one of my best friends, Brooke Carter, came to my rescue. She is a blessing to have as a friend. This is only one instance where she was my hero. In kindergarten, that shy little girl punched out some toddler bullies that stole my fire truck. First, a brave air assault of building blocks. Then came the surprise as she snatched the truck and smacked bobby across the head. The teachers were caught so off guard the two of us were let off on a warning. When I asked why she did it she said that “I don’t like bullies.” Short and simple, just like that. Weirdly, those four words created a bond that has survived middle school and one that is ready to face high school.
Brooke has long brown hair that radiates with natural beauty unlike the treated and conditioned hair of Sophie. She has these brilliant hazel eyes that are like a mix between green, brown, and gold. Her broad grin just completes the picture. Since kindergarten she’s gotten past her shyness and branched out. Now she is the star player on our Girls’ Volleyball team. That, and a math genius. We constantly compete in class to get the answer to the teacher first. Our little rivalry sparked the first A++ to be known at our school. I wanted that achievement so bad, but I got degraded to an A+ for speaking up too much and not giving the other classmates a chance to answer. Truly that didn’t bother me to much cause that is just 5th period. My element is in 7th period, L.A., or as I call it, paradise for the written word. That’s right, I can be poetic.
In fact this is the most vicious cause we have to use our minds to be “creative”. Yeah, unfortunately the teachers got some fancy technology called Google to search up lines in our stories to see if we copied it from other stories. Just before my book report was due too. What I found is that I actually quite enjoy writing. It can be very helpful to you too. Like on valentine’s, you can give that special girl a genuine card instead of a cheesy roses are red… poem from the internet. I don’t mean to be harshing any guys out there who are trying, I totally understand. Personally it feels like I’ve accomplished something when I write it. Hey, it’s true. Well ya. Even if I excel naturally I still have to work to stay above that girl.

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