I Should Have.....

December 4, 2011
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I pointed up at the starry night sky "There's the Big Dipper." I let my hand fall back to my side, and turned to smile at Cole. His wavy brown hair shifted in the light cool breeze, he tilted his face toward the stars up above. "Yupp, but over there," he pointed the other way. "is Gemini, and over there," he pointed to the left, " is Draco." he let his hand fall. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed his hand, "Where do your parents think you are tonight?" I asked curiously, "You didn't lie again did you?" I waited for the answer. "I didn't lie, Bree.... I just didn't tell them anything." he said quietly. "You snuck out?!?" I cried out at him, I could not believe it, I stared at him wishing he would say 'of course not' or even 'that's crazy' but he didn't say anything, he just looked at the night sky, his brown eyes sad and his warm hand in mine. I shook my head, and pulled my hand out of his, walking ahead of him. The green grass of the public golf course was watered by the sprinklers about 30 minutes ago, but was no longer wet. I heard Cole trot to catch up with me, he rested his arm around my waist. "Come on Bree." he whined to me, I pushed him away and kept walking. "Don't you ever think?" I asked irritated. "Sure I do," he stopped walking, so did I. I turned to look at him. "I think about you all the time... I always dream, isn't that a form of thinking?" he gave me a pleading look. I sighed, and looked around the golf course my eyes stopping on Cole, "I need to be home in 20 minuets."  He smiled at me, his cute lopsided grin the biggest I have seen it in a while. I smiled back and started walking the general direction of my house, he rested his arm over my shoulders and I slipped my arm around his waist. For the entire walk home neither of us mentioned him sneaking out. Although thinking back, I should have.... I should have pushed for the reason why, but I never did. When we arrived on the front porch of my house, I turned towered him and looked at him. I chuckled shook my head and looked away, "You know," I started, "we have never had our first kiss.. But we have been dating for 2 months." I watched him closely. He kept his eyes on his shoes and ran a hand through his long hair. "Bree.... I'm not rushing it..." he looked at me. "I know your not," I explained, " I mean obviously... But come on.." I rolled my eyes, "I have to be in." I sighed. He held up his car keys. "What if I came in?" he asked. I thought about it, " No, it's kinda late..." I just didn't want his parents to discover he has been gone. "So I will see you tomorrow." I smiled at him. "Yeah... But first," he handed me a envelope, "don't open it for exactly 24 hours from now."  I took it from him, "Ok." I turned my back to him and went inside. But that was my mistake I should have let him in, and I should have opened the letter with him that night. The next morning I got up and went to school, Cole wasn't there. I looked for him all day but he was no were to be found. After school I went to his parents house, his truck wasn't there. I knocked on the door, his mother answered. Her clothes were wrinkled, she had dark circles under her sad green eyes brimmed with red and he hair was messed up. "Oh, hi Miss.Sorteu. Is Cole here?" I watched as tears slowly overflowed her eyes and spilled on to her pink shirt. "No," she whispered, her voice was raw and pained. My eyes widened, my mouth dried. "W- well where i-is he?" I stumbled over the words. "He, he-" she stopped and looked at her shoes, she looked back up at me. " He died. In a car crash on the way home, late last night... We don't even know where he was!" she dropped to her knees. "He was driving, when a semi driver was passing the opposite direction and swerved into the wrong lane at the late minute... The semi driver was texting! Cole died instantly but the semi driver lived." she cried. I didn't know what to do.. I turned my back to her and felt a hot tear run down my cool face, I ran. I shouldn't have ran I should have stayed with her and explained where he was, I should have let him in last night, then he wouldn't have been driving at the moment. I remember the letter at that moment. I stopped running, reached in my pocket and pulled it out. My eyes filled with tears again remembering the 24 hour rule, it was the last thing I had of him. With tears sliding down my cheeks, I whispered, "We never even got to kiss."

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