The Pizza Shop

December 15, 2011
By Kaitlyn Prothero BRONZE, Stillwater, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Prothero BRONZE, Stillwater, Minnesota
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“Aubrey can you get table six for me!” Madison yelled across the Luigi’s Pizza Parlor as she balanced two trays of a pizza and drinks. “Sure, no problem” I replied, but as soon as I looked over at table six, I regretted saying yes. Seated at that table were Spencer Johnson, and his friends Mason Martinez, Sam Donahue, and Adam and Jackson Grahl. Spencer Johnson went to Mayberry High School and was known as the “pretty boy, jock”. I had been crushing on him since the 3rd grade; I was now in 11th grade and still hadn’t expressed my feelings to him. Spencer had chocolate brown locks and big brown eyes that reminded me of the bear I had when I was little. I couldn’t help but get butterflies whenever I talked to Spencer (which hadn’t been a lot, but still…) his smile always made me blush like the frost in winter. As I walked towards their table, I could feel my cheeks turning red. “Hey welcome to Luigi’s what can I start you off with?” I recited to them, “ummmmmm….Hey don’t you go to our school?” Jackson Grahl asked me. Always invisible I said “Yeah we’ve gone to the same school together since 2nd grade” Jackson looked at me with questioning look “Oh yeah, you’re Amber?” Spencer looked up at me with those big brown eyes and replied with that gorgeous smile, “ No, this is Aubrey Clark, she’s in your Spanish 3 class”. I smiled at him for what I realize was probably too long when Mason Martinez popped up, “Hey aren’t you going to get our drinks?”, I snapped back to reality “yeah of course, what would you like?”, I couldn’t help but notice Spencer’s eyes linger at me for maybe too long also. “I will have a Mtn. Dew” Sam Donahue said, “Make that two,” added Adam Grahl. “How about a Dr. Pepper” Mason said, “And I’ll have a Root Beer” Jackson told me. I looked at Spencer, “And what about you?” I asked. “I’ll have a Cherry Coke” he replied with that smile still on his face. “Okay, I’ll get those right away for you” I told them. As I walked back to the kitchen, Madison suddenly appeared at my side. “Oh my gosh, how was the table?” Madison asked while smiling, “Well it was- hey! You gave me that table on purpose!” I said thinking that it sounded like exactly something that she would do. “Why would I ever do that?” Madison looked at me and winked, she knew how long I’ve liked Spencer. “So what did he say to you?” she asked me, her questions were like a little kid asking their parents what they were going to get for Christmas, two months in advance. I told all that had happened, play by play. She got super giddy when I told her that part about him telling Jackson who I was. “Hey I have to go place my tables drink order!” I had almost completely forgotten, that wouldn’t be good, since I kind of got off on the wrong start with letting the guys order their drinks in the first place. I quickly got their drinks and hurried back to the table, making sure that I didn’t trip though. When I reached their table I gave them all their drinks and asked, “What can I get you guys to eat?”. “I think we’re going to get a large pepperoni pizza, and some cheesy bread sticks,” Adam told me. “Okay, I’ll get that for you right away” I told them. I put their pizza and cheesy bread order in and then was given a table to clean while I waited for their pizza to be done. I looked over at their table and locked eyes with Spencer; he stared at me and smiled. I could feel my cheeks on fire. His friends started talking to him and he looked away. The pizza was done and I brought it back to the table. “Is there anything else that I can get you?” I asked mostly looking at Spencer, “Nah, I think we’re good” Sam told me. “Okay, well let me know if you need anything else” I told them, “We will definitely do that” Spencer told me. I smiled at him, “Okay” I said. At the end of their dinner, I brought them the bill and told them to have a good night, Jackson jokingly said “You have a good night too Amber!”. At least he knows that it wasn’t my real name, “ha-ha, I will” I replied. They all left and I started to clean off the table when I noticed that one of them left their coat, just as I was about to go out their to give it to them, Spencer walked in. “Hey did you leave your coat?” I asked, “Oh yeah, I guess I did” he replied which made me think that it wasn’t the real reason he had come back in. “look Aubrey, you might say no, but I have to ask you anyways. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out with me sometime?” he asked with a look on his face that made it seem like he thought I would say no. My heart started pounding like the finale on a drum solo, all the color rushed back into my cheeks, “Of course I will go out with you!” I said probably sounding way more excited then I should have. “Really? Because I would have asked you out sooner if I knew you were going to say yes,” he said blushing. “Really? You would have asked me out sooner?” I asked. “Yeah, I’ve liked for a long time” Spencer admitted. “So how long do you work tonight?” he asked me. I looked at the clock and then told him “my shift ends in 10 minutes actually”. “How about we go out for pizza, but I promise you we can go some place other then here” he said and smiled, “yeah I’d like that a lot” I told him “let me just sign out and grab my things”. I walked back to the kitchen and Madison stopped me again “OH MY GOSH! I watched the whole thing, Congratulations!” she exclaimed smiling. “Thanks” I told her “I have to go but I’ll give you all the details on Monday!”. “Ok have fun!” she added. I grabbed my things and joined Spencer out front “ready to go?” he asked, “Yep, I’m ready” I replied. I smiled from ear to ear and this time I didn’t care if he saw me.

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