And she called for help, but no one ever listened.

December 14, 2011
By Karla15 GOLD, -, Arizona
Karla15 GOLD, -, Arizona
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As the tide washed in the Dutch tulip man faced the ocean, "Conjoiner rejoinder poisoner concealer revelator, look at it: rising up and rising down, taking everything with it."
"What's that?" Anna asked.
"Water," said the Dutchman, "Well, and time."

She looked out the window with tears in her eyes. She closed her eyes letting the tears roll down her face softly. Her makeup was smeared across her cheek but she didn't care. She just wished she could go back to see where things went wrong. She looked at the ripped picture in her trash can and pulled it out. It used to be a picture of her family standing outside her house smiling. Her dad was holding her mom looking at her with a twinkle in his eye. How did that go wrong? She thought. I thought they knew what 'til death do us part' meant. Her parents were getting a divorce and her life was over. She was done with relationships. She was done with thinking love did last because sometimes, it was a phony. And love tricked you. Love would trick you into the deepest pits and she didn't want to get stuck down there calling for help. She would be on top of the pit not even taking the chance of finding a pot of gold at the bottom of the it. She was done with taking chances. She was done with it all.

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