Rob to the World

December 14, 2011
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As Christmas ornaments dance on the branches of Christmas trees and carolers plunge their boots through the peaceful snow, The Youngblood family feels joyful and merry all for one reason. Christmas is around the corner. All is calm and all is bright until the radio is turned on and “joy to the world” begins to play. Jill rushes to the radio and franticly turns it off. She didn’t want this holiday to be like the Christmas 3 years ago.

It wasn’t bad enough that Rob now had to compete with an adorable 3 mouth baby girl for his mother’s attention but of course her name had to be Joy, one of the most common words used at Christmas. Rob was about sick of his new baby sister. She was taking the spotlight he had had for the past 3 years. To start of the holidays Jill took Rob and Joy to the mall to go window shopping for things to put on their Santa’s wish list. As the strolled down the halls, people smiled and compliment the precious baby Joy lying in the stroller. To top things off “Joy to the word” began to play. Rob’s bottled up anger exploded while he through a 3 year old temper tantrum, shouting and screaming, “I am sick of this stupid song!” Mortified, Jill looked around and saw glaring faces looking at her little boy. How could a little boy hate Christmas so much that he hates the song “Joy to the word”? Jill saw in the bystanders faces. This was not the only time Rob acted up about the name Joy.

Being a good boy, Rob went with his mom and Joy to go help run errands. They walked into the festive Macys and as soon as they did a sparkling snow globe caught Rob’s eye. He ran over and called over to his mom, “Mommy come here! LOOK AT THIS.” Jill slowly strolled Joy over there and began to say, “Wow, Rob that looks….” Then her eyes peered over and she saw a very unique snow globe on another shelve and without thinking she said, “OH MY, Joy! Do you see that? What does that say? It says Joy doesn’t it. That snow globe has your name on it. That is too cute!” she picked up the snow globe and put it the cart. Disappointed that his mom didn’t show great attention to his snow globe he asked “Mommy can I please get this snow globe?” Jill quickly responded “Not right now.” Rob walked over to the shopping cart picked up the Joy snow globe and through it on the ground and ran out of the store crying. Totally shocked Jill now knew she had to come up with a way to show Rob his name was special.

Christmas Eve finally came rolling around and like always the Youngblood’s went to their grandmother, KK’s. Rob was still in a bad mood from the snow globe and he pouted the whole ride to KK’s. As they approached the door Jill started grinning and so did Robert. They opened the door and the words “Rob to the world” filled the Youngblood’s ears. Robert and Jill started laughing and Rob started grinning from ear to ear. Rob’s cousins, aunts and uncles all were singing the joyful words that brightened Rob’s day. And this made Rob feel very special.

AS Jill turned off the radio, she thought back on the funny memories of that special holiday. She laughed to herself and was nostalgic for the holiday. Ruining the daydreaming, Meg, the new addition to the Youngblood clan tugged on her mom’s shirt and sweetly asked “Why is Joy’s name everywhere at Christmas? IT’S NOT FARE!” Jill looked down at her and sighed.

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