Ready or not Here I Come

December 11, 2011
He parted the branches and stepped into the clearing… It was empty just a clearing surrounded by pine trees. Colin knew she was here; this was her favorite hiding spot. Then he heard tiny high pitched giggle. Colin swung around to the left and stood facing a huge pine tree. It was tall and was the oldest tree in the woods. The long boughs reached out of it like claws then one of them moved. With a sudden movement Colin jerked the branches away and inside them sat a little girl. Her hair was in pigtails which was full of leaves and she was in a fit of giggles.
“Claire, I found you” he said. Claire started giggles even harder.
“Well I won more than you!” She retorted chocking on laughter. Claire got up and ran down the path towards the house. Colin smiled chasing after his little sister. Finally he caught up with her on the path by the ravine. She was holding on to a tree branch and leaning over the edge.
“Colin,” she asked “what’s that?” Claire pointed to a shiny piece of broken glass. Then the next instant happened in slow motion. Claire reached to pick it up and lost her grip on the branch. She tumbled forward and down the ravine. The next instant she was gone.
Without thinking Colin went after her, scrambling down the side, sliding and skidding like a car on ice. He hit the bottom with a thud and splash of water. The shallow stream sloshed around her around his sneakers. The walls rose far above his head, plant roots pushed through them fighting for nutrients from the ground.
“Claire?” he yelled his voice echoing around him.
“Colin?” a sniffling voice called back. He bounded towards the voice. Claire sat in a pool of tears holding her knee. “I tore my overalls,” she cried tears streaming down her face, “Don’t tell mommy!”
Colin burst out laughing. It started in his toes and rose to his face. Claire’s face flushed a bright red. “It’s not funny!” But soon she was laughing too. Finally the laughing subsided the two siblings walked hand in hand out of the ravine and towards the path.

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