A Surpise Back

December 15, 2011
By Soccer_15 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Soccer_15 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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A Surprise Back

“ Lexi! Lexi! Turn that god-forsaken music down and stop singing or else you’re going to be late for the bus, hurry up!” shouted Mom.

“Oh yeah Lex, by the way Jackie called last night; something about what time was the Gossip Girls is on.”

“Fine I’ll be down in a second mom and thanks for giving me the message like 10 hours after she calls.” Slam!

“Lexi what the heck happened last night?” Jackie asked.

“Now I know that you’re riding the bus but, I called you last night like a million times and you never called me back”.

“Wait, my mom said you called about what time Gossip Girls was on.”

“ Nooo” Jackie remarked,

“I wanted to know if you were riding the bus or not.”

“Well that’s my mom for you, she always gets everything all mixed up.”

“Hey Jackie, when we get to School we definitely need to take a pit stop by my locker if that’s ok with you?”

“Sure I don’t care…”
Wow Jackie look at these halls they’re packed.

“Well what do you expect for it being the first day back from Spring break?”

“True, True.” Through my eyes, it reminded me of one of those one day sales where everyone is in complete chaos running around and grabbing their stuff.
But that’s Jackie for you, she never really thinks out of the box. She thinks more logical. I’ve known Jackie since I’ve been two, she's my best friend in the whole wide world. We pretty much describe it like this; I’m her peanut butter and She is my jelly. One without the other doesn’t make BB&J.

We both unfortunately attend James Crimson Academy, which in other words is a fancy way for saying a small stuck up school. Lexi and my parents were both divorced when we were around fourteen. The mutual agreement was when we became freshman in high school we would attend a private school. Since both of our dads thought that would give us a boost getting into an Ivy League school which Jackie and I could care less about getting into.

“Hey Lexi can you hold these books for me?, I need to shut my locker.”

“Why not” I responded,

“I’ll certainly be your lovely assistant; what do we have today, oh a new and shinny bright blue Trigonometry book.”

“Thanks but don’t judge a book by its cover. That littler sucker is the hardest subject I’ve ever taken.”


“I’ll meet up with you for lunch ok Jackie?”

When I was on my way to Economics class, I noticed that there was a mysterious looking boy leaning against the wall listening to his Itouch. There are only like 500 kids in the whole school so you know when there’s a new kid. He was tall; maybe 6’6” with shaggy strawberry blonde hair and these gorgeous icy blue eyes which twinkled in the light. He gave me a quick wink and a weak little smile then went on listening to his music. Economics Class was quite the drag; Mr. heartless gave us a pop quiz. His name fits his personality perfectly. In my next four classes I attended with the new kid. I found out his name was Hunter. He stared at me the whole time; it was kind of creepy. I mean this isn’t Jersey Shore there is no need to be creepin. When the lunch bell rang I hurried to my locker and found Jackie standing there waiting for me. She already had all the info on the new kid hunter, like how he is a military brat from California and = this is his 9th time moving this year. I really didn’t care because I wasn’t a big fan of gossip.
… After lunch I was excited because I had my favorite class of the day English. I was surprised to see that Hunter was in that class too. Since the seat were arranged in alphabetical order, he sat right next to me. My 1st name is Bambo and his is Bonnie. He talked to me a little and seemed very nervous.

After English I went to my locker and there was something weird hanging outside. There was a rolled up piece of paper hanging by a string. I ran up and snatched it. At first I was thought it was from Jackie trying to be funny but when I read it I was wrong. It couldn’t have been Jackie because whoever it was wrote, me a poem and, Jackie can’t write a poems to save her life. I remember in seventh grade Jackie wrote the most awful poem about turtles and the teacher gave her another chance to write a poem. I just did it for her and she got a c+ on the assignment. The poem I was reading was beautiful and gave me a hint about who this person was. The hint was

“I see you here and there, you look right at me when you were looking for a chair.”… At the end of the day I let Jackie read it and she was as puzzled as I was. She said

“Look there is something about you will keep getting these till you guess who he is.

“Maybe it’s the new kid”
Jackie suggested.
“I really don’t know, he seems so shy though. But who knows.”

The next day I was eager to go to school. When I arrived, there was another note. It read
“Roses are red violets blue, I’m wearing red and so are you.” I was so freaked out after this last clue. Even Jackie was too.
When I went to my classes, the first thing I did was scope out who was wearing red. The only people who were wearing red were Jan Anderson and Ally Goldstold . When I went to my locker at lunch there was a note that said

“I heard there a Dance on Friday want to go; if you do just say so. You will figure out who I am by then.” I told Jackie and she said find out who this guy is. So when I went back to my locker another note read
“I’m in your Computers class”. I was so excited because Jackie was in that class too so she could help.
When we arrived at class, no was wearing green. We were so confused until I looked down and saw green shoes. I mumbled
“Jackie look, red shoes.” I couldn’t see his face since the computer monitor was in the way, so I got up acting like had to get something out of the printer and when I went past, I was shocked. My secret admirer was hunter, the hottie that was right next to me yesterday when I was looking for a chair in Mr. Heartless’s class. I went right behind him and whispered in his ear “I found ya”. He looked astonished but then he smiled and said
“So wants your answer?” I tried to keep my cool and said

“well of course I will go with you to the dance”. When I got back to my seat, I told Jackie who my secret admirer was and she was so jealous. But now at least I solved the mystery.

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on Dec. 22 2011 at 10:36 am
k.Wrizzle. GOLD, Dry Prong, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"The Lord Lives!
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-2 Samuel 22:47

I enjoyed it. The concept was good. The only thing I would say is that the way you did the dialogue was a little confusing. It was hard to distinguish who was speaking and such. Also, you said he was wearing red on most parts, but in one paragraph you said "but no one was wearing green". Afterwards though, you kept referring to it as red. Overall though, it was a good story! Keep writing!


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