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November 27, 2011
By dillonehare BRONZE, New York, New York
dillonehare BRONZE, New York, New York
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Oh My God!!!!!!!Today was so busy, I hate days like that. Urgh!!. Sometimes I feel like freezing the Earth and

having a vaction. Well I had a social studies test, that sucked and I have to now go threw this! , my life is

ruined it will never be the same, I have the earth on my shoulders like a back pack, the guilty feeling of a

horrible test is besting me up. I just need to escape, when do people get rest? When they are not alive? I

guess its because we are in 7th grade and its like the half way point in our lifes. I have chorus for three hours,

Thinking about school in the morning makes my stomach hurt. The sight of 60S and 70s on my test make me

throw up. Why is some of the stuff we learn are important. Four weeks of detention is how I spend my days,

playing a hamonka and eating school lunch. I feel the stench of failure is my colonge.

I would swallow rocks if it any one would let me not go to school. I was going into the Gymnasium , andI

saw that Mr. Ornazio was setting up the cones. "aww man!!!, we have to run". I said in my head. So I opened

the doors and headed downstairs. Marlon was there already done changing waiting for me. Marlon is my

best friend and a straight "A" student. He always gets upset when he sees the "D" I got on my tests. So I was

telling Marlon about how busy I was until Joey Mc.Gellan walked over. Joey is one of the toughest bullies in

our school. He pushed Marlon over and he fell with a plump. I stepped in and defended my friend, but he

had punched me dead in my face. I blacked out, for once I was relaxing. I woke up finding Marlon and I in

the nurse's office laying on flat beds. Marlon had a serious bruise from hitting the steel railing and I had a

black eye, busted lip and a droppy eye. Mr. Ornazio caught Joey and gave him detention for two

months, like that will help the situation. So I fiqured out that this is how life is going to be. We have to be

responsible young ladies and gentlemen now and when we grow up. Now I have to do the reaction of

doing better and so do you.

The reason why I choose to write about your success in school and your carrer is because most people

think that you can go threw school by slacking off with low grades. If you dont do better in school how are

you suppose to get a job,make money and provide for your family. Do you know what happens to

teenagers when they quit school and become a low life person? Well they can get manual labor jobs that

dont pay so good. The average students that finish high school and college have a better opportunity to

good jobs that pay well and the average person that skips high school and college have a big amount of

pain and guilt in their system and usually what leaves to suicide when you have a lack of satisfaction and no

money to do what you want. You kind of feel like an outsider and that you cant fit into society. So basicially

education is the key to life, it opens many passages to exceed your expentations.

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