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November 27, 2011
By onetreehiller BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
onetreehiller BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Evan Rogers dribbled the ball up court. The florida state point guard came up to meet him. Evan crossed over and put the ball through his legs and was past him. He stopped at the three-point line and shot as the buzzer for the first half rang. Swish. The score was 38-40 the Duke Blue Devils were winning. One half down, one to go, thought Evan.
It was almost the end of the second half. The score was 83-78 Florida state was winning. Coach K called timeout.
“Guys we can do this, we have 3 minutes to score 6 points and win the game.” Coach finished. Then Evan chimed in. “ Guys, for some of you, including me, this is the last time you’ll play basketball as a Duke Blue Devil,” He looked around. “Let’s make it count. “WHO ARE WE?” He sreamed. “Duke!” The team yelled.
“WHO ARE WE? Duke!
The team took the floor, Derrick Bode, Evan’s roomate passed it in to Evan, Evan wasted no time, he passed it to Jeremy Stevens, who passed it to Bode, Bode passed it to Josh Gibson who passed it back to Evan. Evan made a hesitation move and drove to the basket and slammed the ball through the net for a slam dunk. 83-80. The guard for Florida State took the ball up, Evan stole it and ran downcourt, he was fouled as he went up to dunk, he missed the first shot, he hit the second, 40 seconds to play. The guard took a shot with 22 seconds left. It was blocked by Evan!
“TIMEOUT!” screamed coach K, “Guys we are gonna run play 16 at ‘em.”
“Coach all due respect but play 16 is very risky.” Bode said, coach K looked at him and said, “bode we need to score and this is the play I called so you WILL run it!” and with that the game resumed.
Evan took the ball upcourt and all of a sudden everyone on the Devils screamed “FIRE!” All the florida players rushed to the exit. Evan, cool and collected took the shot and by the time florida noticed what was going on it was too late. The ball gently fell through the net. It was over, Duke had Won.
It was after the party. Evan was heading up to his dormroom, when he got there he saw his roommate Bode playing gta4.
“Dude I thought you had a paper due for geography.” Evan said.
“Evan, there is nothing more geographic than learning the maps in this game.” Bode replied.
“ Fine man, I’m going to bed.” And with that evan drifted off to sleep.

It was the day of the NBA draft. Bode and Evan were puking in trash cans next to one another.
David Stern, the commisioner took the mike.
“ With the first pick of the NBA draft the cleavland Caveliers pick, Jacoby Royson, University of Mississippi.” And so on and so forth until Evan heard, “With the 6th pick in the NBA draft the New York Knicks select, Evan Rogers, university of Duke. When Evan came off the stage, he felt as if he were floating, and the day got even better when he heard, “with the 17th pick in the NBA draft the New York Knicks select Derrick Bode.” His life felt like a dream.

10 days later,
Evan hung up the phone, stunned.
Bode came downstairs, “Who was on the phone?” he asked. "The knicks called! They signed me for lots of money!” Evan exclaimed. “what about me?” Bode's face fell.
“well you know, that I was a 6th pick and you were 17th maybe the only pick people with the most skill, I mean I always beat you in one-on-one and I made the winning shot in the championship so maybe they think that I'm more of the big player they need if you know what you mean.” Evan said with a smirk.
“I know what you mean but I don't like it! I'm tired of your attitude. I have a better future, a better career, a better life and a better attitude than you do. I’m leaving.” Bode grabbed his things and stormed out the front door.
"Who needs him?" Evan thought out loud, "I can live by myself and he's nothing without me." Evan stalked up to his room and watched some TV. He was watching, and then suddenly they showed an interview. It was Bode. He was talking about how much of a good guy Evan was and how that was the way the game was supposed to end. Evan turned off the TV.
"I don't need to listen to that trash!" Evan closed his eyes and went to sleep. Meanwhile at the holiday inn Bode turned off his tv as well and said:
" He doesn't need me anymore. he's a jerk he won't get anywhere." Bode turned over in his bed and fell asleep.

End of part 1

The author's comments:
this piece is about a college basketball player who gets drafted into the NBA and gets a swollen head over it

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