Adam and Alexis

November 28, 2011
By Piepiepie SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
Piepiepie SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
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Alexis and Adam are sitting in the woods talking about going camping.

Alexis gazes into the distance after Adam proposes they go camping in the Abandoned Log Cabin located on campus. Alexis nods softly.
“We really should, it would be fun.” She says, looking down at her shaking hands.
Adam follows her gaze.
“Are you cold?” He questions.
Alexis looks up into his eyes.
“A little,” She shrugs, flashing him a small, quick smile.
“Do you want to go inside somewhere?”
Alexis shrugs, looking down at the leaves blowing across her blue checkered Vans.
“If you want to,” She states. “I’m actually fine.”
“Well if your cold, then yeah. Lets go.” Adam says. “How about the Lounge?”
Alexis nods.
“Sure. “
She says, standing up. Her arms wrap around herself, an attempt to protect herself from the brisk wind.
Adam looks at her.
“Want my jacket?”
Alexis smiles slightly.
“Sure.” She says, “Thanks.”
She runs a hand through her straight blonde hair.
Adam shrugs off his jacket and hands it to her. Alexis weaves her arms through the long sleeves, her fingertips just about touching the tip of the cuff.
Adam and Alexis walk off the main building and the warm lounge.

As Adam and Alexis enter the lounge, they are greeted by a palate of bright colors. Scattered around the room are red and orange bean bags. The purple couches have green throw pillows on either end. A flat screen TV rests on a chest of drawers along with a stereo and a coffee maker. There are a few other people sitting in the lounge. One on one of the few couches gazing at the blazing fire, the other on sitting on the floor leaning against a wall in the corner.
Alexis walks in, still wrapped in Adam’s jacket. Adam follows her in, smiling.
“Want to play a game?” He suggests.
Alexis shrugs, sliding off his jacket. She passes it back to him, while grabbing for a blanket from the closet.
“Sure. What do you want to play?” She asks while curling up in a beanbag.
Adam walks over to a shelf.
“I’ve wanted to play Hungry Hungry Hippos for a while now.”
He rifles through the shelf full of board games.
Alexis laughs.
“Hungry Hungry Hippos?”
“Dang it. It isn’t here.” Adam says, the disappointment clear in his voice.
Alexis stands, her face brightening.
“I have it in my dorm! I was cleaning out some old closets on the second floor and it was there! It’s under my bed right now.”
The girl on the couch stands up, walking over to Alexis and Adam.
“Here.” She shuffles the games some more, pulling out the box for Hungry Hungry Hippos. She hands it to Adam, smiling.
Adam turns around like a child.
“Awesome!” He’s smiling.
The girl that was sitting in the corner approaches them. She smiles at both Adam and Alexis.
“Mind if I play? This game is awesome.” She holds out her hand, “Oh, and I’m Blair.”
Alexis and Adam both shake her hand. Adam start smiling.
“A hippo party. I like it.” Adam looks everyone else, a gleam in his eye.
The girl by the fireplace looks away, “Actually, you guys play.”
She looks down, sighing. Adam raises an eyebrow.
“Why don’t you want to play?”
She looks at him, twisting her snake bite piercing. Her shoulders slouch.
“I just don’t really feel like it anymore.”
Adam shrugs.
“Okay.” He looks down at his watch, sighing. “I’ve got to leave, I promised my mum I’d call her at eight.”
He walks out as yet another girl walks in. Alexis yawns.
“Bleh. I’m so tired guys. I’m going to bed.” Alexis stands up. Throwing the blanket wrapped around her shoulders on the couch as she walks out.
The girl by the fireplace nods at Adam’s comment. She sighs, looking into the fire. As tears burn her throat, she walks out to her dorm in a hurry.
Blair bites her lip.
“Oh, okay.”

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