Brother Samuel

November 28, 2011
By Ian_Moone BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Ian_Moone BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Maximilian had an older brother named Samuel. Unlike Maximilian, Samuel was not successful. He wasted away his money providing sumptuous pork roast dinners for his inner circle of friends, constantly repaving his driveway claiming it was an investment in the future, supporting pseudoscience, and running his widget factory that never profited because he hired people that “needed a job,” instead of talented employees. Overtime, Samuel became addicted to spending and was left penniless. Undeterred he began opening new credit cards and borrowing money from friends and family. Maximilian and the rest of Samuel’s family gave him money to pay off his debts and get back on his feet, but they warned him to stop his wasteful habits. Samuel refused to listen to this warning; he believed he was serving his community and living a righteous life. Samuel prodigally spent the money his family had given him, and then he continued to spend even more money. Samuel became overwhelmed with debt, so he reached out to his family for help once more. All of his family turned him away saying times were tough, and they could not afford to help him, especially if he could not curb his spending habits. However, Samuel would not take no for answer from Maximilian, his wealthiest family member, and his younger brother. Samuel argued it was Maximilian’s duty to help his brother despite the fact he was wasteful. Maximilian did not yield to his brother’s argument: he refused to give another penny.
Samuel was infuriated! His posh brother had plenty of money: he could not believe what he perceived as his brothers greed. On the night of April fifteenth, Samuel returned to Maximilian’s house and broke in and stole his brother’s safe. Samuel then absconded into the night. Maximilian woke up the nest day to find his fortune gone. He called the police, and although they discovered Samuel’s fingerprints at the scene, they refused to arrest him. The police said Samuel was a generous citizen and would surely use the money for good. Maximilian reached out to his family for help, but they did not care about his problems. They argued he was rich and the loss of a small fortune could be recovered. Maximilian pleaded for help, but nobody would help. Samuel took the money and disseminated it to his friends and his numerous causes. Meanwhile, Maximilian robbed of his money could no longer pay for his wife’s medical expenses, and she died. Maximilian’s family and his community did not care; they were relieved that Maximilian’s tragedy was not theirs. Little did they know, Samuel would have to come for their money next since Maximilian was now broke.

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