Dancing Queen

November 26, 2011
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Maya was only 5 when she went to her first competition, she loved the thrill of the air when she leaped and the applauds from the viewer’s when she made her last move. Yes Maya was a dancing queen and she knew it.

Maya was on to her 50the competition when she started feeling something in her stomach. Was it nerves? Did she eat a bad taco? Whatever it was it was really bad. She told her mom and her mom gave her gravel and told her to go to sleep. When she woke up she felt better and got ready to go to the competition.

When she got there she looked to thee sheet at the front, she was first. She swallowed hard and took off her hat reviling her light blonde hair. When she got on stage she started to dance but the feeling in her stomach returned. Maya collapsed and her mom ran up on stage while someone called 911.

Maya woke up at the hospital thee next day. Her mom gave her a big hug and told her that everything is going to be alright. The doctor told her that why she collapsed was from low blood sugar and not enough rest but he said that on the way down she broke her leg and it was a quite serious brake that she will have to be in a wheelchair for weeks. Maya started crying, without dance she would have nothing and she may never dance again. She felt like it was the end of the world.

When Maya got home she slept for days. Her friends brought her school work and a bit of company during this hard time for her. When Maya went back to school she started excelling at school because she had more time. After her leg healed she joined thee cheer leading tem and thee sports team with her friends. Maya then went on thee collage to become a school teacher and through she still was a dancer she didn't let it take over her life like before.

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