The Man

November 20, 2011
By literature BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
literature BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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The man woke up at four in the morning from a threatening shiver that jostled throughout his body. He quickly found the opening crease in his sleeping bag and zippered it shut. As the man laid in his sleeping bag he realized how worthless his cheap pad really was, and quickly shook around in his sleeping bag to find the right position. He has already woken up three times before that night, and hasn’t had one full night of sleep for over two months. The man was worrying about his water and hoping that it didn’t freeze in his pack. It was twenty below, and the man thought to himself that it has not been this cold the whole journey, and he realizes that it is getting closer and closer to the middle of winter. They say the middle of winter in the Yukon is unbearably freezing, and only the well prepared can live through it. The man hasn’t seen a human since the beginning of his journey, and worries that he will never see a human ever again. Two hours later the man slowly dozed of into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning the man had to fight himself to get up from the sleeping bag, and continue backpacking through the Yukon. The man has backpacked many trails throughout his life, but this was by far the toughest yet. He quickly took down his tent, and forced himself to put on his backpack. The man was doing fifteen miles a day in the start of the trip, but a couple of days ago he decided to speed it up a bit and do twenty miles a day so that he will finish his journey faster. As the man was backpacking he saw a magnificent view of to the left of him, and the sun was coming slowly up from the horizon, and the whole sky seemed to sparkle and the magnificent sight almost put tears in his eyes. Sights like those are one of the reasons the man started backpacking. The man was fighting the powerful winds that morning, and they have not been so strong so far in the journey. The trail that day wasn’t so tough, the land was mostly flat and the snow wasn’t very high yet. The man basically dragged himself through the twenty miles that day, and was looking forward to sleeping that night.

That night the man doubted whether it was safe to go on during this weather, and then he realized that there was no way of contacting somebody to get him out of there, so he would have to continue. When the man was in his sleeping bag and was ready to go to sleep he began to feel very anxious. He was running out of food and all he would have is water in just a couple of days.

The author's comments:
I am a boy scout, and I was able to learn the wonders of backpacking. I enjoy going camping and backpacking whenever I can.

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