Canines? Gross

November 14, 2011
By acdavis94 BRONZE, Daphne, Alabama
acdavis94 BRONZE, Daphne, Alabama
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The idea hit Mahaley Wright like a tornado: She was going to drop out of high school and become a professional dog walker. Of course, this idea did not come to her all at once; it had progressively built up in her subconscious for weeks as she walked past the Fifth Avenue Puppy Store. Dogs just seemed to jump for joy every time they saw her, which, to Mahaley, was a sign from God. With the countless supply of pink leashes in the world and all the dogs running around in Central Park, being a dog walker was a sure fire way to make loads of cash. The 60 mg of Adderall Mahaley had just popped reassured her that it was a fabulous idea. I mean everyone knows you have to be a genius to be prescribed that much of Adderall in the first place.

She could see the hot pink flyers now "M.W. CO. Dog Walking Service." The M and W stood for Mahaley Wright. She would charge $100 per dog/ per week and walk twelve dogs maximum. The dog's owners would have to pay a small fee in insurance too of course that would cover a new pair of shoes if she accidentally stepped in dog poop. In Mahaley's mind becoming a professional dog walker would not only make her daddy proud, but it would also keep her preoccupied until her fabulous boyfriend finally proposed and then she could take on the role of being a housewife. As thoughts continued to bubble in her mind, she quickly jumped up from Pre-Calculus and ran to her Range Rover sitting in the student parking lot. Putting the car in reverse, she switched the gear to drive and hit ninety mph all the way home.

Elle Wright, her mother, was sitting out by the infinity pool when Mahaley arrived home. Elle never received a high school diploma or a college degree since she married her first husband when she was only seventeen. She was the epitome of a modern day housewife, minus doing any cleaning or cooking, they had a maid and cook for that. Mahaley idolized her mother for having such fantastic taste in clothes and keeping her somewhat boring days marvelous. If anyone would be super proud of Mahaley's newest idea it would definitely be her mother. Just as imagined Elle was all for Mahaley's idea and even bought her a new pink jacket to protect her from the common cold and other nasty sicknesses wintertime brought along.

After posting flyers anywhere worth going in the Upper East side of Manhattan and on her personal blog of course, Mahaley received her first call after only like five seconds. *Ring Ring Ring*

"Um hello it's me, Mahaley." She said

The conversation did not last long. The prospect had called about his Pug named Arnold needing to be walked. Mahaley of course just could not do that, because matter of factly Pug's grossed her out to the extreme. So, Mahaley told the prospect that she was allergic to that particular breed so she would not have to hurt his feelings and tell him his dog was gross.

As the hours of the day passed, she continued to receive countless numbers of calls from prospects wanting her to walk their dogs. Each time it was the same problem, Mahaley simply did not like the breed of the potential customer’s dogs. She did not want to hurt her own self-image walking mangy animals in Central Park, that would be social suicide. She would so much rather sit in an African desert and talk to a cactus then have that happen. Nevertheless, she did not give up! Her Adderall was working to her advantage as every time she received a horrible phone call she instantaneously came up with a new excuse for why she simply could not walk these people's dogs. She even went as far to say she had a life-threatening allergy to all animals living in Manhattan and that her flyer was a joke.

The stress of Mahaley's latest job venture led her to realize that she did not even like dogs. They just were not her thing. She was wasting her day concerned over something so disgusting and embarrassing instead of shopping for a new Yurman. I mean seriously? What a disaster. Realizing all this at once caused a massive migraine to emerge within seconds and Mahaley ran for her pitch-black walk in closet. She found tears running down her face as she realized she had just wasted her whole Monday afternoon and missed the latest episode of Gossip Girl!

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