The Escape

November 17, 2011
By A-Dude1498 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
A-Dude1498 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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4:30 AM
So there I was, felling dizzy, very dizzy, it was as if I needed to remember something very important but it didn’t come to my mind. And then the impossible happened, what I thought that was someone’s idea, it was standing right behind me, the Yeti, the abominable snowman. It was breathing, inhaling… exhaling… inhaling…exhaling, his breath was warm, but you could smell his last snack every time he exhaled and it was supremely uncomfortable. I started turning my head but I was so nervous my arm twitched and I accidently touched the creature behind me and it was furry, it was cold and it had silky fur, the softest fur I had ever touched. But the softness ended when I heard that horrifying roar that penetrated my body from the tips of my hair, through my spine out through the tips of my toes. I started running and screaming, I left the cave I was sleeping in and just when I thought it was clear and nothing was behind me, I heard that shrieking roar once again, but this time it wasn’t a “get out of here!” roar it was like a “I will have you for lunch” one. When the beast finished roaring it jumped really high and landed in front of me. By that moment I was so scared I thought that I was going to soil myself, there was nothing I could do as the gigantic beast grabbed me and then it started walking into the cave. As I was letting my arms relax I felt the knife I had stolen from that kid at camp. I grabbed the knife and I tried to stab that beast. The knife penetrated like a hot knife cutting butter, the beast yelled and dropped me onto the powdered snow. I was lucky enough to have landed right next to the tent I had set up last night inside the cave, found my snowboard and started riding down the slope; picking up speed. Once out of the cave I had enough speed to lift up the tip of my board and ride on top of the powdered snow, luckily enough I chose the right path to go downhill because the Yeti chose the path where an avalanche was following it downhill. After a few seconds I lost track of the Yeti. I had experienced the most horrifying moment of my life, and yet the most exciting downhill ride of my life.

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