A Rude Interruption

November 17, 2011
By machinosupremo BRONZE, Houston, Other
machinosupremo BRONZE, Houston, Other
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The smile on Tom Lin's face, I have never seen him smile like during the operation. He stared into the screen to a live video chat with his family. He knows what risks he is taking, and its a big one. No one had the balls to contact their family during an operation. Why? Evidence was shown of Al Qaeda acquiring signal interrupters and detectors. There could be someone monitoring this very conversation between father and son thus knowing where we are, we could be in danger. And as a matter of fact, we saw the very presence of a signal jammer in the area on the screen. Then, the screen blinked with a pop up that said no signal.

“Miller, load me a shot.” Tom said to me. He looked at me in the eye like something was coming, and this was a terrified look he gave me. So I grabbed a armor piercing shot and loaded it in the gun. I have the experience to load ten shots in exactly the same number of seconds. The only thing that slows me down is the gunner's aim, some people tend to keep their aim on a target or way too long. Tom however, proved to be a fast aim gunner, and an ace at taking down targets as well. Before coming into the tanks, he was an infamous sniper. Before anyone could see him, they dropped to the ground with a bullet hole in their head. He was also a good partner. We flanked many enemy movements and toke them down. Best of all qualities of Tom's, he leaves no soldier behind.

“Enemy tanks sighted! Open fire!” shouted Commander James Riley. He said that with such terror, because in fact there were five stolen Merkavas with the Al Qaeda flag painted on the side of each iron beast. Then I heard a boom “, nice shooting, Lin!” The boom was my cue to load another shot. I took the thick piece of metal from the ammo rack, instantly placed the shot in the gun and locked it. Boom “, keep taking them down Lin!” Two tanks down, then I heard the buzz of the fifty caliber. “Infantry down!” I loaded another armor piercing shot. Boom. Three down “,two left, Lin!” I heard a bounce off the M1A2's hull right when I loaded a shot. Boom. “Last one!”
“Miller, load me that last explosive shot.” Tom kept his aim at the last Merkava.
An explosive shot? If you say so. I thought. Tom aimed for the gas tank and, ting. He bounced an explosive shot off the last Merkava's engine? Oh s***. This time I heard the boom even closer, probably too close . . . .

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