The Dark Side of the Moon

November 16, 2011

Welcome to the Dark Side. Yes, everyone knows about it, but no one really dares to enter. You are a brave soul. It’s darker than night and the air here is damp with long forgotten tears. What’s that harsh smell? It’s rotting jealousy over there in the corner. Watch your step; hate might grab you by the ankle. We ignore feelings here; your emotions have no value. Your opinion doesn’t matter, in fact, you don’t matter. But we’re glad you could join us. Shall we begin?
It was a long trip down here wasn’t it? That’s because we’re under strict rules to be kept out of sight. You could compare us to nuclear weapons: we destroy lives. You see the brains of our operation lies deep in the chasm of this place and that is essentially what is being shielded. But we try hard to make ourselves visible on the other side. She’s just getting too good at putting on that pretty little act of hers. Fola, that’s who I’m referring to. She sends all her anger, jealousy, evil words -all of it- she sends it down here, to the dark side. She thinks we’re “protecting” her, but she’s mistaken. Down here, we pile up those negative thoughts and feelings. Boy, does she have a lot of those! We infuse those emotions with the type of poison that eats away at you. It makes you want to pull your hair out and scream. It makes you want to lash out at everyone and tell them what you really think. But Fola, she’s gotten good. She’s taught herself to resist us. Just when we think we’re making progress, she forces us back down and keeps her cool. We’ve gotten her to go off on tangents and get rid of some of these emotions in here. But, honestly, it’s not an easy thing.
In this room, we keep a list of people who hurt her. They come in handy sometimes. When she’s feeling down or angry, we attach them to a nerve and send it straight to her brain. That way we can feed off those feelings! We’ve got people who’ve lied to her and lied about her. This wall has a bunch of people who have judged her and accused her. Over here, we’ve got people who have used her, and my personal favorite the people who have hurt her. Pay close attention to the dazzling portrait at the top. This person often gets sent to the brain. We’ve gotten her to cry over this one!
You might wonder how she hasn’t let us take over yet. That is where this metal door comes in. Behind this door, is her most valuable possession: her heart. Not the physical one with the blood and stuff, I’m talking about the real thing. Only one person’s ever made it in there, but it wasn’t in time for us to get in. They sure didn’t come out alive. The problem is, the door is guarded by her. We’ve been working on a way to get in there, because when we do, this whole thing will be a piece of cake. She guards her raw and unabridged heart and soul and she isn’t giving it up that easily. That’s the brains of this operation. If only we could get our hands on it, we would send all her emotions and anger right through her!
Unfortunately this brings us to the end of our tour. You’ve learned a lot today I’m sure. The moral of the story is, everyone’s got a dark side. Some do a better job of hiding it, like our lovely lady here. But no worries, she will crack. Emotions aren’t meant to be bottled up; we sure don’t want them unless we’re going to use it to hurt someone! It’s a serious business we deal with. Oh, you want me to show you the way out? That’s pretty funny. With all that you know, you didn’t think you’d be getting out alive did you?

The author's comments:
Our English assignment was to write a story about your dark side, so I took a different spin and let my dark side do the narrating.

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