One Wish

October 26, 2011
By melizsoukup GOLD, Lake Bluff, Illinois
melizsoukup GOLD, Lake Bluff, Illinois
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"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars." --Les Brown

The clouds looked like figurines in the sky, floating on to the dusk that was soon to swallow and hide the scenery around her. The smooth air would circle around the field and escalate trying to reach the sky, and then it would end and fall in a long gust of wind. It was the tide and the undertow kept trying to take her up with them to the heavens, and then she would resist easily and exhale as if nothing had happened. Her eyes were closed and her blonde hair was spread out like silk on the grass. Her long eyelashes fluttered every so often that one would think she really was awake, but she was asleep.

The shadows of the clouds would turn her face dark every few minutes, and then they would disappear and the color would return to her face. The blurred girl was silent, moving ever so slightly when she inhaled and exhaled.

A person appeared out of one of the far reaches of the field, slowly walking towards the ghostly girl in the white dress. It was a boy, walking slowly to her, as if trying to be as quiet as possible. He was equally as silent as she and he smiled as he stood directly over her. He was wearing pajamas the color of the sky. His clothing matched that her, and she opened her eyes when she heard him kneel next to her. She was still silent, but her brown eyes looked up at him with mixed emotions that he didn’t know how to read. He saw her reach up with a hand to his hand and once her cold hand touched his, the sky turned dark in character and the clouds were filled with anger and sorrow. Her body evaporated as if it was mist and her image disappeared into the wind, which carried up to the sky. He stood up in a hurry, fear in his brown eyes. The wind picked up and thunder filled his ears.

In the distance he swore she was calling him. But all he saw was the body of her, floating around just as he had found her before, not in the dreams. The vision haunted him and he felt weak to his knees. He covered his ears and he closed his eyes, trying to redeem himself. He knew he couldn’t mistake the horrible reality for his foolishness, because he had found her. He had found her in the bedroom, in her closet. She wouldn’t come back. But he wanted her to. No matter how much he wanted her to come back she couldn’t because she was gone. She was dead.

“Wait! Wait!” He fell to the ground to avoid a slash of lightening that barely missed his body. The sounds slowly disappeared and he lifted his sore body up, still hearing traces of her. He looked around, frantic to find her. But all he found was the cream walls of his bedroom, and the door closed with little light visible through the cracks and open areas of the room. He inhaled deeply, trying to forget whatever image had haunted him. He closed his eyes, checking to make sure the sounds and views he saw wouldn’t come back. But a small part of him wished the vision of her would return not only in his dreams but in reality. He lay down, hushing himself to sleep and prepared for the dreams he would encounter next.
The worries of reality would soon leave him and he wouldn’t have to fret about the troubles he would face soon. The night returned to its silent aura, and the boy became just a little section of the scenery. The still room faded into the setting, and all was silent and calm.

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