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October 26, 2011
By FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
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It seems like only just yesterday when I Molly Nicole smith had a dram about Rodger Davis. It wasn’t the romantic kind of dream a girl my age would usually have about some guy at their school. No, this dream was different. This dream was bizarre, weird and really random but after having that dream it actually changed my life forever and the way I look at things as well. How you ask? Well I shall start my little tale from the beginning and then stop once I’ve reached the end. See it was last week Saturday when it happened. I was busy doing what normal teenagers are seen doing on an ordinary boring weekend such as mine was at the time. Then after a while I got tired of doing nothing all day and decided to take a nap before I continue doing nothing again. The dream started off when I woke in the same old bed I fell asleep in, I looked around and it was the same old house but when I looked outside it wasn’t the same as I expected it to be. The sky was no longer blue but green and it was filled with small purple triangular shaped clouds. There where hamburger shaped balloons floating everywhere and people looked as if they where having a party or something. There was one person however who looked more chilled and relaxed than the others and I wondered why. Who was it you ask? Well non other than Rodger Davis. So I decided to walk over and ask him why he was acting so normal when everyone else was acting like they probably should in a crazy mixed up dream like this.
“hey.” I said as calmly and politely as I could.
“Hey watsup?” he replied
“Nothing much, Well a lot actually. Was just wondering why you seem to be the only normal person in this dream.”
“Ha-ha, I see you’ve noticed that it is in fact a dream. Most people don’t know that until they’ve actually noticed that something is out of the ordinary.”
“Yeah but you haven’t exactly answered my question yet.”
“oh right. well I figured there’s no point in doing what everyone else is doing if it doesn’t make me happy. I mean what’s the point right?
“I guess so. But aren’t you going to be worried that if your not like everyone else then they might end up not liking you as much as they should?”
“Okay look over there and tell me what you see.”
“Right well…I see my mother and grandmother dancing together in chicken suits. I also see my dad playing with a white modal airplane. Um…my best friends Brittney and Rocky look like there playing with a bunch of different types of dogs and oh my math teacher is over there by the house playing…cards with my uncle Frankie.”
“Exactly. So everyone is pretty much doing their own thing right?”
“Well so am I. my activity just happens to be a bit more relaxed than the others. Besides I would rather be disliked for who I am than liked for someone I’m not.”
And with that he sat back down his previous spot and started listening to music. At that point the dream ended and I was back in reality. Then Monday morning I went looking for Rodger Davis and soon enough I found him studying on a bench outside near by the cafeteria. Believe it or not we’ve been best friends ever since. Although I never did tell him about that dream I had. I guess it will just remain my little secret.

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