True Love

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” This is what perfectly describes the life of Jack Brown after his wife’s death happened. She had a very serious cancer in her lungs and died some months after being diagnosed. Jack was 64 years old and didn’t do much, after she died, he stopped even going out of his house unless he needed his basic supplies, a doctor’s appointment or needed a new book. His life turned much more boring every day and all he did was sleep and read. In his love of his life’s funeral, Jack had cried his heart out and now every time he sees, hears, touch or even smell something that reminds him to her, Sarah, he would start crying. Salty teardrops would run down his cheeks. He has told me he knew Sarah since he was a kid and she was his one and only love. She had never liked anyone else other than Sarah. They started dating at his age of 14 and her age of 12. They never even broke up at all and ALWAYS loved each other! When she died, all of us, his family, accompanied him and helped him get his normal life back. As I said, he wouldn’t do anything. After a year, he started walking with me in his neighborhood and then going out to dinner and at the end I was able to bring his old life back; only, without his partner. Now, Jack would come over to my house and have supper with us. W enjoyed this time together and talked about life. When we go walking, something very common between us, we always walked past a bench at the park. Every time, without exception, he will sit down on it and just relax. He would look around and look at the people walking by. He would start talking to Sarah like pretending she was there with him. He would sit there for a while without even looking at me. I would always stay there, looking at him. Enjoying the unforgotten love of my grandparents. You could see how much he loved her; and I am sure she loved him as much. Grandpa told me once that this bench was the bench in which he first kissed Sarah. He told me once that this kiss was the best thing that ever happened to him; and that in that moment, he was completely sure that he had found the woman he truly loved. He said it was a simple kiss but that it meant the whole world for him. I have always wanted to have the life my grandfather has had. He was and still is full with love and he found the person who he loved and who loved him back. Jack sometimes even talks to Sarah. He starts a conversation with him pretending that she was still there, with him. Jack tells her wife about his day, about how he wished she was still with him to be able to hug her, to cook her favorite food for her, to be able to tell her all his secrets. But all this was just a dream for him. Deep inside he knew Sarah was dead and that she couldn’t listen to him. Still, he still believed, or hopes that she was listening. One day, Jack took me to his house. It smelled very good, a sweet smell like sugar. He took me to the back of the house. His room was there and all of Sarah’s thing were still there as if she had still been living there all these 4 years. Jack says he doesn’t want to ever take them away so he could feel her with him anytime he wanted. He also said that he wanted me to have something that was Sarah’s. He gave me this beautiful necklace he gave her some years ago. Jack tells me that he wants me to always remember about my grandma when I wore it and that I should use it as an inspiration to look for a love so pure as theirs.

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on Nov. 1 2011 at 6:04 pm
Sharicita BRONZE, Santa Ana, Other
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Yes! I know! I was really moved by the story. Its actually kind of based on my grandparents life and how they loved each other. 

Thak You so much!

Akiza BRONZE said...
on Nov. 1 2011 at 7:20 am
Akiza BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
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I love this. Its so sad that the grandfather lost the love of his life. My favorite part was how he knew that he found his soul mate after their first kiss. Beautifully written. :)

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