October 15, 2011
By W.Bishop SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
W.Bishop SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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An intimidating shadow occupied the congested school hallway. Eyes burning with hostility, perfection swallowing the body whole. Frightening minds are awakened as the shadow moves closer. Suddenly, bursts of high-pitched laughter and playful banter transform quickly into solemnity. Scarlet red faces bloom, while fingers shiver and bodies stagger endlessly down the hallway. Tears sliding gently down faultless faces like luminous raindrops trickling down a brisk car window. You can see these people have been poisoned. They are gasping for air, gasping for another chance. They once had ambitious souls, but the vague shadow shot them down and left them laying there in agony. Picture a snow white dove soaring high in the blazing Carolina blue sky. The dove is riding the wind carefree and an in-compassionate poacher comes along and shoots that beautiful bird down without second thoughts. The bird lies there for a moment, wings trying to flutter. It lies there helpless for just a little longer, deteriorating into nothing. Then you look down, lifeless.

The author's comments:
For Creative Writing Class, we were assigned to write about a person who is poisonous. I wrote about a bully. This whole writing is a metaphor for a bully. The intimidating shadow is the bully, I pictured a girl bully with a perfect image; clothes, body, everything. I described those being bullied, how when the bully got close to them in the hallway their laughter would turn into silence, and they were intimidated. I described the tears pouring from their eyes. I described them metaphorically "dying", but I meant that they were being bullied so much, they wanted to die, they wanted to commit, suicide. Then I wrote about how a bird soaring in the sky dies from a poacher shooting it. The bird was the target being bullied, and the bully was the poacher. The poacher (the bully) shoots down the bird (the target) and the bird dies. The bird dying is like the target dying on the inside, feeling so useless. I hope that people get from this that bullying needs to be stopped, and we can all raise awareness and put an end to it.

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