Now why would he do that?

October 8, 2011
You know what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, you know what happened to me? I got rapped. Yeah I did. By my boyfriend. And I didn’t mope around that girl from Speak. No I f***ing told! I did. Told my parents flat out. And here’s the kicker, no one believes me. Not a soul. Not mom or dad. Not the cops. No one. He got away with it. That’s right he did. And he goes to school with me. And he smiles at me. And he tries kissing me. And his stupid friends yell things at me. No one believes me.
Tell me something, tell me. Why the f*** would I make that s*** up? Huh? Tell me. Why would I lie about that? This is f***ed up world we live in! Where the guilty are defended in case they’re innocent and the victims are punished in case they’re lying. So tell my who the f*** do I have to tell to get some f***ing help? How loud must I scream to be heard? How much do I have to cry before someone, anyone listens to me?

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