The Almost Spray Paint Project

October 8, 2011
By A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
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Myles looked at his phone, it was 8:59 p.m. and he was waiting on Mimik. He was suppose to be there at seven but that obviously wasn’t about to happen. Myles tightened his grip on his jansport back pack. He could hear the sound of cans clashing as he walked to greet Mimik, who was flickering a lighter.
“Hey man, you wanna get started or wait on toXX?”
With a half grin Myles said “Dude if we wait on him it’ll be morning.”
“That’s true, what colors you bring this time?”
Myles started taking off his back pack “just the usual colors, orange, purple, and black.”
Without another word Mimik snatched the back pack and grabbed a random can of spray paint.
Myles looked in the back pack and saw that the purple spray paint leaked into his spiral notebook.
“Damn it! I just wrote new rhymes!”. Quickly he pulls out the notebook oozing with paint and looks for any clean pages he could possibly save. “Ay p****s, why you always gotta start without me, I was on time” ToXX said annoyed Mimik murmured “on time two hours ago”. ToXX looked p***ed and shot a nasty glare at him. “We are very, very far from help at the moment and are outside a vacant building”. Mimic looked confused. “It would be easy to fix your thinking bro that’s all I’m sayin”.
Mimic scrawled and began a different tag. ToXX glances at Myles and burst out laughing. “duuude, ha why you spray paint dat book? The walls right here!” Myles didn’t laugh; he just pulled out a black ink pen from his back pocket and wrote a random lyric on his arm that he planned to write about later.
ToXX started on tagging his name on the yellow brick wall. With some paint and experience the wall became a juvenile master piece. Mimik looks at the wall while he ask ToXX “yo dude I think we need to bounce”. Right as he said that they all three herd a noise and flinched. There was a blue truck with hevily tented windows ,driving tord them. Mimik and ToXX tore out running, but Myles was still trying to gather his things. The car got to close so he grabbed the half empty bag and ran. He couldn’t’ find any of the guys any where so he found a bus stop to set at. A sudden clicking noise makes Myles look up.
“Hey Myles what are you doin on this side of town?”
Myles swallowed hard. He knew that voice. It was Metilda “I was just waiting on the bus after I visited my friend tony's all” he responded frantically and began tugging at his mahogany shirt
. “ya right I know better”.
“Honest I’m waiting on the bus!”
“Let me see your back pack”.
She grabs it and looks through it to find some paint and ruined notebook paper. She tosses it down and says , “your so dumb”, I said the next one of you taggers to tag my side of town was gonna get his head bashed in”. Myles stood up and turned around. He sees the silver magnum in her hands and asked,
“mitilda, what’s wrong with you?”
With a swift motion she smacks the gun in his face. Blood is pouring out the corner of his left eye. In pain he held his face mumbling about how he was just a kid.
“That is a very fair warning, don’t make me warn you again.

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