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September 12, 2011
By communicativedistractions PLATINUM, Fall City, Washington
communicativedistractions PLATINUM, Fall City, Washington
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In my sweet serenity of sleep I dream of angels holding cakes, don't ask me why, but to me, it's beautiful.Then the alarm goes off. I groan, pull back my sheets, and hit the alarm clock grudgingly. Can't I just sleep? In a half daze I walk towards the bathroom across the hall. Annoyance sparks when I see the light of the bathroom peep out beneath the door. She's in there, my sister, and from what I can tell she'll be in there for a while, the swooshing sound of the hair spray can proves it. Girls, seriously? What takes so long? The restroom does serve other needs than make up application, hence the term rest. With a sigh I walk towards the kitchen to find some food, and to my surprise, my mother is stirring up batter.

"Good Morning Sky" she says half asleep herself.

"What's on the menu?" I ask, hoping it's something edible.

She sighs, but knows that her teenage son lives to eat.

"Chocolate chip pancakes," she replies.

"Yes!" I nearly shout as I fist pound the air.

The sudden burst of energy startles my tired mother but she seems pleased with my response.

"Are you ready for your first day? she asks somewhat concerned. The prospect of her son's first day of high school isn't an easy thing for her. I'm her youngest, and that means me entering high school made her feel old. There was also the whole kids are always afraid to enter a new school idea, and to be honest I did fall into that category somewhat. How does it all work, high school? Throughout middle school all I wanted was to get out of there, it felt like high school would be a place for more freedom, but also a place of more responsibility. Could I handle that? I mean, I would be on the path towards my future. If I did well in high school I'd be well off, but what if I screwed up? What if I end up being one of those bums on the street because I messed up? There's so much that could go wrong, grades, suspension, just anything really. But I refuse to let that be me. I could handle this, one day at a time. Plus there's the prospect of new cute girls, new cute older girls. I could definitely hand that.

"Sky, are you ready for your first day?" she asks again, more concerned than before.

"More or less." I reply with a confident smile, the last thing I need is my mother worrying over me, it'd only stress me out more.

She seems content with my answer and stacks three chocolate chip-infested pancakes on a plate for me. I grab our Hershey's chocolate syrup and slather it all over the pancakes, then I add some cool whip for the top and wallah, a perfect creation that I affectionately call the breakfast cookie. I bend over my masterpiece when I'm sure my mother is looking and pretend to dive in caveman style.

"Sky! Use a fork!" She exclaims.

I laugh and find my way to the silverware drawer. With weapon in hand I take my first luscious bite. It's like a chocolate bomb goes off in my mouth.

"Is it good?" she asks while staring at the chocolate I can feel dripping from my chin.

"Mur ur liss." I reply with an overstuffed mouth and smile really big so she can see all the chewed up food.


And I just laugh.

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