August 18, 2011
By billydimascio22 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
billydimascio22 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Once upon a time in the big apple of New York City there was a boy named Jason who ate, slept and breathed basketball. Before and after school, during commercials, after dinner, the weekends, after church, on holidays. Every day was basketball, he did however have a best friend in the free time he had who was unable to participate with him because of his problem with staying fit because of his digestive system. His best friend went by goggles but was originally named Steven; everyone called him goggles because of his weird preference of his huge “Rec-Spec” goggles instead of glasses. So Jason, alone tuned his skills every day. Due to his premier skills he was forced to play with older kids he didn’t relate to or really understand because of their different level of maturity. Jason’s peers looked up to his talents but couldn’t make friendships with him because of his family’s economical struggles. These struggles forced Jason to be home schooled. This doesn’t end the struggles for Jason.

One night after Jason had lost game in which his father was coaching there was an accident. Jason’s father Jason Sr. was an in denial alcoholic who didn’t take losing very well. Jason Sr. was stripped of his Division 1 basketball scholarship for going insane after a loss in his sophomore season at Syracuse University. The problem never occurred again until that basketball game. Well after the loss, Jason Sr. couldn’t control himself, after an argument with the players and spectators he stormed off to the bar where he got totally drunk, no one recognizing that he left he got into his 1976 corvette and flew home at top speeds of 100mph, after driving 3 miles he swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed into an 18 wheeler Truck. He was reported in critical condition and died within seconds of the paramedics arriving.

So now leaving Jason Jr.’s mother Theresa with one income to provide for their son. Jason Sr. passed away when Jr. was only 9 years old. With him just turning 13, trying to afford for all her son’s equipment, league fees and most important food and shelter was unbelievably tough. It was actually almost impossible for the current employment she had; a daycare owner was just not cutting it in this day in age. This made her very emotionally and economically unstable. Losing her partner made her very alone in life.

Now “Goggles” suffered from this too cause he felt alone in school because none of the other kids could really understand his problem, they were cruel to him and this usually made him want to go home and not ever come out. Jason’s father was the only coach that would ever put “Goggles” on the regular season team and when he passed away that ended his career of basketball. This forced him to stay home where he was an only child and lived with his nanny basically because his parents were always away on business trips.

Now Jason realized that he only needed to get through 2 more years before he could return to school because of his offered scholarship at the local private high school. It wasn’t as easy at it seemed though because every day the feat was getting tougher between his family’s struggles and his own. Now loneliness to some people is just in their head, but once it’s in your head it can eat away at your brain

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on Aug. 27 2011 at 12:23 am
billydimascio22 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Thank you so much

Beckaa BRONZE said...
on Aug. 24 2011 at 5:00 am
Beckaa BRONZE, Bishops Stortford, Other
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This is really good :) i like how you brought in how different people were affected

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