Finally Living

August 12, 2011
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It had finally stopped raining. The world around her was clear, green, and fresh. Samantha noted that it completely different than the weather had been earlier that morning when she and Tyler had broken up. It had been storming. The weather had been grey and muggy, and the trees outside of her house had begun to bend from the pressure the wind exerted on them. Samantha told herself to stop thinking about the breakup; she was going to forget about Tyler and finally live her life. She began to run. The dirt, wet from the rain, tried to capture her and hold her foot prisoner, but Samantha was not about to give up. She had never made it to the top of Cowles Mountain, and she had vowed to herself that today would be the day. The thick brown mud tried again to capture Samantha, this time submerging her foot completely. But Samantha shook the mud off. She was tired of things holding her down and preventing her from fully living her life, the way Tyler had. She was determined to make it to the top of the mountain.

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