The escape Intros 1-4

August 6, 2011
By Artgivesmelife BRONZE, Bronx,Ny, New York
Artgivesmelife BRONZE, Bronx,Ny, New York
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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ~Thomas Merton

It’s been about 3 days on this train. I’m so happy I’m getting away from it all. It’s pretty risky and I know soon enough they’ll be looking for me. I suppose you want to know where I’m going…or even where I’m coming from well I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning.

I remember when things used to be normal for me. Waking up, eating breakfast going to school, seeing my friends, being happy, getting amazing grades, seeing my boyfriend. I tend to sit and wonder what the f*** went wrong. Now I get up and I laugh because somehow I got through another day in this place. I go to school and I see Terra but instead of a friendly greeting she looks at me like I’m the worst thing that happened to her and walks away. I pass my classes but my amazing average is gone and my boyfriend? Well hah he’s dating my “best friend” now isn’t that some s***? I guess I should explain my story for all this to make sense to anyone but myself…maybe I’ll learn a few things about myself too.

My name is Xandrya Allison Stuarts. I’ve always loved my name…Its unique you know… anyways. I’m a senior at Tribecca Hill high school one of the few high schools in south Cali that has a good music program . That’s the only thing I live for these days. I live with my mother. I use that term very loosely my parents weren’t meant to produce offspring they don’t know how to be good people much less caring parents. I call her mother beast because that’s what she is to me… a beast she blames me for things I can’t control and that’s why I’m here now. Let’s start with my childhood first. You may want to sit down for this one.


I woke up to my alarm clock playing its annoying tune. I just had to pick the most annoying one didn’t I? It took me like 5 minutes to actually get my ass up out of bed. I guess I should tell you who I am. I’m Trent Manson. Every morning I wake up doing the same s*** over and over again. My mom sprawled out over the couch instead of the huge bed she has in her room and me trying to get through the door without hearing her voice. I Got out of bed and looked in the mirror. Looking like s*** as always. I pushed my fingers through my dark brown hair and turned on the shower. I let the water get really hot before I got in and let the heat take over my skin. I looked in the mirror again when I got out staring at the scar on my left cheek that I knew would never fade away and looked away. I threw on a pair of skinny jeans a Green day T-shirt and a hat, put my headphones on, threw my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my skateboard.

I rode down the street listening to Bullet for my valentine on my way to school. I go to an alternative high school named Williamson prep aka the school for screw ups as said by my mom. I used to be an instrumental major at Tribecca High school but I got expelled. I got to the building and put my IPod in the bucket and went through the metal detectors. The security guard gave me the same blank stare he gives me every day and I walked away into the library. I pulled out my notebook and starting writing down new ideas for this poem. Didn’t expect that one did you? Yep I love to write…when everything is sh***y I pull out my pen and write, the only thing that keeps me going in this sh***y ass town. Writing is how I get away from a world I don’t want to be stuck in and get lost in someone else’s. I waited for the bell to ring and I walked out of the library into first period English with Mr. Thomson My safe place. I’m sure as hell gonna miss that.


She’s screaming in her sleep again. I got up and stood over her watching her start to cry then I shook her until she woke up. She made a huge gasping noise and held on to me like if she didn’t she would die. It’s been going on and off for months. I crawled back into my bed and tried to go back to sleep but all that happened was me staring up at the ceiling wishing I was somewhere else. I turned to my side to see Alisha Sleeping again and I couldn’t help but wonder what she has been dreaming about. I wonder if she has those dreams where someone is chasing her or if she has those dreams where she’s screaming but no one can hear her. I used to have those dreams when I was younger, around her age. I closed my eyes hoping to fall asleep but yet again I laid there. Slowly the images of her started coming back and I opened my eyes again. I wonder if she wanted to give me up. This happens a lot now; those restless nights where I think about her.
I woke up late to the smell of Mom cooking bacon and pancakes and I smiled and jumped in the shower and put my hair into a pony tail and threw on some shorts and a tank top with my gray and black striped cardigan and my black and white converse boots mom bought me for my birthday. I walked downstairs and momma slid the plate down to me I turned to Alisha and asked if she was feeling better and she quietly nodded and kept chewing. I looked up at momma giving me that questioning look but I ignored her and tried to enlighten the mood in the room. “Momma I got a 100 on my Final in History” She looked up at me and smiled and replied “I’m proud of you baby now u better hurry up and eat before you’re late to school” I nodded and put my plate in the sink , kissed Alisha on the forehead and put my earphones in and turned on my iPod. My name is Lanette Freeman if you were wondering. I go to Tribecca high and I’m a dance major there. I got a whole Lotta s*** going on 24/7 but I always make time to dance… The only way the world stops crashing down on me is when I dance the pain away. I think my mom was a dancer…She gave me up for adoption when I was 3. I still keep pictures of her around and I wonder where she is right now. And Sooner or later I’m gonna find out for myself.

I woke up this morning and ran to the bathroom I hardly made it to the fricken toilet bowl before I threw up. It’s been like this for weeks waking up in the morning and puking. I consider myself pretty lucky because my mom works the midnight shift at the hospital and I don’t see her in the mornings. A few days ago reality hit me that one day she would find out…the day where I stared at the stick in my hand that had two pink lines and I cried until there were no more tears left. I always thought this s*** would never happen to me in a million years. I thought even if it did I would have Lorie with me holding me. But I was alone with no one to help me, and it was because of him. I got up off the floor and got into the shower. I cried in there for a while. I got out and threw on a tank top a hoodie some shorts and my boots and grabbed my book bag and IPod. I waved across the street to Mrs. Gardener and started walking down the street. I got to Tribecca High and sighed as always. Not even 5 minutes I was there when Jeremy caught up to me. There was a smug smile on his face, I guess he was in a good mood, I didn’t look into his eyes but I gave a half smile and he asked what’s wrong as he intertwined his fingers in between mine. I used to love that but now it sends ice cold shivers up my spine and I want to run away at his every touch. I answered nothing and I looked up at him into his eyes and saw what was coming before it happened. He started squeezing my hand and I tried to let go but his finger nails were slowly digging into my skin and I let out a small whimper and he let go. I started to walk away from him but he turned me around and once again I looked into his eyes which were now soft and welcoming; they don’t fool me anymore. He whispered “I’m sorry” and I looked away and nodded. Maybe if he knew he would have stopped hurting me. I supposed leaving was the best. I suppose you want to know who I am now. I’m Zara Ann Harrison. That guy Jeremy? My boy friend. I threw away my life for him and he didn’t deserve it…looking back at it now. It was probably my fault but I did what I had to do.

The author's comments:
This is the beginning to the story i started writing a few months ago. I don't remember what inspired me but i hope ppl would wanna read the rest i have written so enjoy :)

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