Why Grandpa

August 2, 2011
By Smi1e BRONZE, Cairns, Other
Smi1e BRONZE, Cairns, Other
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Dear grandpa,
You say life is like a river, it keeps flowing no matter how many rocks there are. Why did you put a rock in my river?
You spoke of the harmless topics, not a mean word crossed your mouth. Why do I hear so many now?
You said love would capture my heart and to never let go of it. Why did you let go?
Aunt and Uncle say the angels are with you know, why can’t I be too?
You lay asleep in your little box every night, right next to Ma and Pa. Why can’t I?
Life seems so lonesome without you. No one to read me stories, to comfort me when I get scared, to cook pancakes on Saturdays. Where did I go wrong?
You once said to be brave, strong and to show the world my courage. What if I can’t without you?
Ever since Ma and Pa left you were my everything. Why did you leave me on my own?
You would wipe any tear which touched my cheek. Now they don’t stop.
I thought you were happy, that you enjoyed life with me.
I do not understand why you had to go?
I lay awake each night thinking that night over and over in my head. I memorized the foot you took as you reached for the door, the words you last spoke, the tear leave your eye as you said goodbye, even the amount of rope you carried with you. Aunt and Uncle take me to all types of people who want me to remember, but what if I want to forget? What if I do not want to remember the rain that crashed down on the roof, or the barks coming from the dogs? What if I only want to remember happy, exited grandpa who was always there no matter what?
I will keep you were you belong Grandpa, in my Heart.

Emily aged 8.

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This article has 3 comments.

Smi1e BRONZE said...
on Aug. 8 2011 at 7:30 pm
Smi1e BRONZE, Cairns, Other
2 articles 0 photos 8 comments
Im so sorry for your lose. thankyou for taking the time to read my article. if you find anything that i can improve please tell me. 

Kuninkaat said...
on Aug. 8 2011 at 7:05 am
Sorry, I meant I appreciate the moving emotion within this story. Not appreviate...I'm not even sure that's a word...Oh, well! Thanks, anyway! =)

Kuninkaat said...
on Aug. 8 2011 at 7:03 am
Very well done! Interesting topic, gripping style, and sound conclusion. Really gets and holds your attention. It rather reminds me of my feelings after my Grandfather was taken by cancer not too long ago. I appreviate the moving emotion within this story. Keep writing! PLEASE! ^.^


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