The Girl

July 20, 2011
The girl, she has many things going through her head. She is thinking of the past, the present, and what hopes to be her future. Her hard struggling life wandering through the sands of time. Soon she hopes her journey will come to an end. She tries to save her raspy voice, as she’ll drink her last bit of water. Only in her late 20s she was left to fend for herself. Farming and herding animals all her life she saves every last scrap of everything.

Her tragic story she tells to anyone she thinks can help her. Sometimes she is helped yet mostly she is yelled at and is forced to run away. Trying to support herself she wanders all her life for something, anything. Strong and brave she is willing to do almost anything for food, water, shelter etc. Mostly she is given a very little supply because other people need it for themselves. Sadly people will listen to her story then bluntly and heartlessly turn her down.

The girl, her piercing eyes stare and hunt you down but with something sincere about them as well. No one knows when she will arrive but everyone knows what will happen. They must decide right then and there whether to help or not. As she knocks on doors day after day the people may be ready but the girl is not ready to get rejected once again. No one is able to help the girl. The poor hungry all alone little girl.

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