The City Skyline

July 6, 2011
By emilie94 BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
emilie94 BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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It is five in the morning and I’m standing in the harbor overlooking the water. Everything is more peaceful early in the morning. The water is covered with a layer of fog which makes the whole scene look extremely eerie.
I hear a meow from behind me and look to see an undernourished cat sitting behind me. He meows again. I lean down and scratch him on the head. When I look up I notice the skyline. All of the tall buildings are black against the orange sky. It’s a beautiful sight. Other than the cat and me, everything is still and quiet. There is a single sailboat out on the water and I find myself wondering who is on it.
The cat and I stand there watching the boat bob along in the water. The fog continues to cover the water making the boat seem like a ghost. I get goose bumps thinking about it. I pick the cat up and pet it. It purrs for a few moments but then begins to squirm impatiently so I set it back down on the ground.
As the sun begins to rise higher, the fog begins to recede. And with it go the quiet and the calm. The bustle and noise of the city and all its inhabitants begins to grow around me. The cat gets up, meows a last time, and trots away toward the city. I sit down and close my eyes, wishing the morning had not come so soon.

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