Changing Times

June 30, 2011
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Wow, isn’t it funny how quickly things can change in middle school? It was nice to be popular, even if it was only for such a short time. Well, now I know who my true friends are and that’s all that really matters.

I bet your wondering what happened with me. It all started about 5 months ago when Lindsay Jones got assigned the seat next to me in Science class. She said her first words to me, EVER. Pretty sad when someone’s first words to you are, “Hey, your smart what’s the answer number seven?” right? Too bad I didn’t care I fell into her trap.

About a week after Lindsay and I started talking I ditched my old lunch table for a new one, the popular one to be exact. I felt so cool sitting with them. I was on cloud nine.

The next weekend I went to Lindsay’s house for the first time. It was so exciting. A bunch of other girls were there. I couldn’t believe that Lindsay’s mom would let that many people over at one time! My mom was lucky to let me have one person over.

The next few weeks were fabulous. We all went shopping together and to the movies. It was great I had never felt like I belonged anywhere more than I did with them.

For the next few months it went on the same. Movies, mall, makeovers, sleepovers, and more. I felt so great, that is until I overheard one of the girls, Brittany, talking about me. She was saying how bad my hair looked that day and everyone else was agreeing! I was furious especially since another girl, Megan, had just told me how good my hair looked. It hurt a lot to be talked about.

I kept on hanging out with them because I thought that they were maybe talking about another Chelsea. I soon found out they weren’t because I overheard Megan talking about how they only hung out with me because I was smart and they could copy off me and that as soon as summer break began they weren’t going to talk to me anymore. That hurt, a lot.

So then I stopped hanging out with them. I sat with my old friends again. Everything became just as it was before the whole incident. Now I better than to trust someone whose first words to me are asking to copy off me.

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