July 11, 2011
By , WW, NE
I don't want to let go.
I have a family but, the darkness swallows me and my lI'mbs go numb.

Mommy i am fighting for you,you might not be my real mom but its because of you that i am who i am.

don't forget to tell my sister that no matter what happens life will go on, and that God will help her with temptations

Tell my little brother that he was a handsome little thing and that he will be his daddy's son when he grows up. So good luck.

Speaking of dad tell hI'm he was a better dad then my could ever be.

And mom i love how we got close though your daughter and now we are one big family, i love how we have a connection though music.

You guys were the family i never had and i am so glad i found you, and though you i found the love of God.

Now that i said all that i need to say. I can't fight any longer. The darkness gets harder to fight. Tonight i was going to tell you what really goes on in my house, but as i was leaving i felt someone pull me back by my hair and screams at me telling me i cant go anywhere. Soon I'm on the ground getting punched and kicked but my mother can't do anything about but sit there and cry. Now there's a pain in my side and some bones are definitely broken. i see red but its turning into darkness.

Dear "family" as i was coming to tell you what goes on in my family, I was abused and killed by my father. There was a battle between me and darkness and the darkness won.

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