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June 9, 2011
By Floral_bambi BRONZE, San Diego, California
Floral_bambi BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I never was popular. Well, not in middle school. In elementary, everyone wanted to be my best friend. But that all changed in 6th grade. They never said hi back or ever smiled at me. I felt totally invisible. Same for 7th grade. Now, 8th grade.

In my class, there are no popular girls. Only the popular boys. Oh, another thing you need to know, I am not a loser. I have friends. We aren’t nerds or anything, just not popular. Like, in between-ish.

Anyways, let me name a few people in my class. First, there is Nicole. She is kind of popular. I get along with her, like we are sort of friends She rated me 85% out of 100 on a scale of how close we are. I use to hate her because she use to stare right at me and whisper to her friends. I always knew she was talking about me. Elizabeth. All she cares about is herself. Last year in my yearbook, she wrote, “You are awesome, but not as awesome as me!” She hangs out with our group. She’s nice and all, but I can’t really relate to her. One she was the only friends in my walking group. So I would walk with her. I was so awkward. All we can talk about is Glee. Alejandra, Melina, and Joanna are the “Mexicans” of the class. They all get flirted by Carlos, Isaac, and Juan. I don’t mind really. It’s just, I have had a crush on Carlos for 2 ½ years now. Someone told me that he liked me last year. I still think about it now. I never imagined that someone you like can like you back. I thought that would never happen. My best friend is Nori. Weird name, I know. It’s cute though. I knew her since 1st grade. She showed me the school and everyone in it. We promised each other that no matter what we would be best friends. That will never change. The people that we hang out with are Tami, Elizabeth, Cassie, and Brittany. I don’t really like them. Like, I really didn’t like them to start with. They just kind of decided to sit with us.

The people who are popular aren’t that bad. Like, I have had a class with them. They know me. It’s just a few I can’t stand. Alexa, Polly, and Lauren. Alexa was never my friend. We have never talked. But I over hear some of her convocations. She’s really annoying. I hear people don’t like her. They just pretend to. Don’t ask me why. I really don’t understand. Polly is okay. She’s annoying too. She is going out with this boy named Lewis that I dated in 6th grade. Then Lauren. I use to like her. We did a project together. We had to make a nutrition bar and try to make it super healthy. We called it the Liva bar. It was pretty gross though. Now she is totally popular. Really whinny. I really shouldn’t judge though. They aren’t my friends. I bet that they are better when you get to know them. Maybe.

Oh, I’m sorry. I totally forgot to introduce myself. I’m Tory. I am a professional actor. Not in the theater, but in the T.V. acting business. I have only been in a few T.V shows. Nothing big though. Just in the back round. My agent says she might get me a spot on “Shake It Up” on Disney. I sure hope so. You probably have seen me on Hannah Montana. No? Well I played “Kid with ice cream”. I remember first going on the set. Seeing Miley Cyrus and trying not to scream. I still watch it and point myself out to my friends.

Chapter 2
During School Hours
I got to a Charter school. It’s weird and very strict. We have dress code. Like the boys can only wear collared shirts. The girls get more of an option though. That’s one of the things I like about being a girl. You can basically wear anything you want. We also have other rules. If you break those rules, you get Absolute Zero. Its like were you scrape gum off of desks or clean in the art room. I haven’t been on this semester’s Absolute Zero. I try not to. It’s gross first off, and unfair. You do something stupid and they take away your only break and make you work.
We have a village of schools. One Elementary school, two Middle schools, and three High schools. I attend Tyson Middle. There are like 300 students. Across from my school is Tyson Arts Middle. All the rejects go there and mostly all the girls there are ugly. The boys are poser skateboarders.

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