My Life in D Major (sneak preview)

June 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I let the water slide over my feet. The sand was soft, which felt good under my toes. The tide was rising, and fast. I looked out to the sea. I was a rippling mirror, distorting a perfect night. beyond the small, delicate waves and saw a small boat, bobbing up and down like a child's bath toy. My favorite song, "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" plays in my mind. Robbie Williams jazz-y voice floods my mind. Why couldn't I find a guy who can sing like that. I wouldn't really mind if he was smart either.
"Marnie! Honey, It's time to go back to the beach house!" My mom shouted to me from across the beach. If only this night could have lasted forever. If only Erick had asked me to dance. If only my twerp brother hadn't puked on my shoes. If only, if only. I quickly turned around and walked solemnly back to the car.

The author's comments:
I have been thinking about the beach lately, and started thinking about waves and the night.

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