Perfection Is Aloof

June 14, 2011
The dull road lamps lit the ebony street as I stepped into and out of the newly made puddles. I slid my iPod out of my pocket and turned it up. The light from the screen seemed to beam into the empty sky creating one thing that was actually real. I didn’t want to block out the sound. I wanted to block out life. Everything in it drama, crap, lies and much more. How could they accuse me of it? She was far away. I didn’t kill her. I swear. Just because… I’m different. No one’s accepted when their different. But why does everyone have to reach the peak of perfection if that goal is aloof. The answer seems to be different in people’s minds. Some think its jealousy, others think self esteem. I think perfection is what we are. Everyone’s perfect, they just don’t see it.
“Hey Jenna, wait up!” I heard through my thoughts as I searched behind me for the voice.
I saw a guy come jogging out of the dark and into the last puddle I stepped in. He was wearingg a dark gray hoodie and a pair of jeans that looked as if they had been run over by a monster truck…twice. His shoes were soaked in water, mud, leaves, and basically the rest of the woods.
“Oh, hi Jake.” I snitched back at him without making any eye contact in fear of his appearance.
“ I just wanted to say I’m sorry about what people think you did to Emma, I know you didn’t do it and it’s not fair that everyone’s picking on you for it.” this time he seemed to have sympathy in his voice, the kind you get when you connect with someone for the first time, but don’t know it.
“Well thanks I guess.” I paused and looked up at him. “I just really want to know who did really kill her. I mean it would be nice to have that little thing off my reputation but, it would be even nicer to know who ruined part of my life.”
“Hopefully one day you will find out!” he glanced at his phone, his eyes grew. “I’m sorry I have to go! Bye Jenna!” he shouted running back into the dark.
“bye.” I whispered to myself as I continued my walk home.
His comment ran through my head over and over, “Hopefully one day you will find out!”. Not just hopefully I will find out. That’s my life goal. Not perfection, but to find out who murdered Emma Crimson.
I slipped the headphones back into my ears and continued home. I walked past the library, down my drive way, and finally to my door. I gripped the golden knob; it was wet and freezing as I twisted it open.
“Mom?” I called into the kitchen
“Hi honey how was piano?” she asked with a smile so big it made even me grin a little.
“Good, have you heard anything new about Emma?” I asked in a quieter tone then what she was expecting.
“Umm…” it seemed to through her off guard a little. “Nothing really, why?”
“Just wondering” I blurted out on my way up the stairs.
My phone vibrated in my pocket. I slid it out of my damp jean pocket and slid my thumb across the screen. There was a text from a unknown number.
“I know who killed Emma. Watch your back, before it’s your turn.”
I dropped the phone.
Cold shivers ran down my back and chills rain through my bones. All of a sudden I felt that need to be with someone. I sprinted down the stairs to the kitchen; meanwhile I was slipping on everything including my own feet. I stopped very abrupt before I entered the kitchen.
“Is everything okay?” my mom asked looking puzzled.
“Yeah just… hungry.” I mumbled letting her think.
Okay so the text. They know. Wait who could they even be?! Was it a joke? So many things ran through my head at once. My feelings flooded my body. Scared, mad, curious, happy…. what one should I listen to?! I picked at random. Curious was the lucky one. I focused back into reality. I thought as I peeled the lid off my yogurt and slid my spoon into the viscous liquid. I twirled my spoon once then took a bite. My mom was washing the dishes as I finished my blueberry yogurt.
“Night mom!” I kissed her cheek with a gentle touch.
Pushing myself upstairs wouldn’t work. So I crashed onto the couch before my mom and dad had a chance to claim it theirs for a movie and dinner. I felt safe on it. My family was so close. Nothing could happen. With that feeling my eyes got heavy and I soon drifted off to sleep.
“JENNA! WAKE UP!?” my dad screamed into my ear.
I pulled him closer, “SHUT UP!” I screamed into his ear. I looked at the clock, “6:40” was the time made out by the red lights. I sprinted up stairs, forgetting about everything that had happened and managed to step on my phone. It vibrated. Another txt from unknown, “I did it. I’m sorry. Meet me at berry field at 10.”
Terrified was the only word to describe what I felt. But I had to do it. So I went onto school till the clock reached 9:50. I ditched my science class and walked down to the field, almost in tears from the fear. Seconds seemed like hours. At least its day… and light outside. Walking on I stepped on every leave, trying to buy time. I reached the opening of the park. I stepped in. empty. Or at least that’s what it seemed to be. I scanned the field. Finally I found someone.
Gray hoodie, dirty pants, and tattered shoes.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
Something shined from inside his pocket. He slid it out.
“Nothing to be afraid of.” He said lowering his voice as he got closer. Now I could see his face. It was Jake. The same guy who I walked alone with through empty streets at night.
“Why did you do it?” I asked almost silently.
He stared into my eyes for a few minutes. “Because… sometimes people set that bar of being perfect when really, it’s unreachable.”

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